This goes to the Devs - Jean Darc

ideal is to have a healthy balance, like all things in life :slight_smile: the moment that balance is upset, outcry happens
also the same crap has been forced down our throats for too long in all the damn media, just go back to healthy doses, if it doesn’t improve your product, don’t force it in

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Feminism as it stands today didn’t really exist in the same manner as in 1999 when AOE2 came out where the Joan of Arc campaign featured prominently as one of the 4 major campaigns. That was a time where including a woman (especially a historically famous woman through a very key period of european/French history) would be normal. There weren’t political agendas at that time yet about women in video games (except maybe their appearance)
Jean has been a key figure in AOE since it’s peak popularity, not including Jean would be more odd than including.

Having her as a hero in MP and her balance state are a different topic, but saying that including one of the biggest key figures of the time period in a game as being feminist is a hot take.


Friend, that percentage only represents people just as frustrated as you, not the entire community, lower your spirits and learn to play better :wink:

Friend, the majority of the votes has fallen on “Jean Darc is frustrating to play against, absolutely not fun” now.
Do you play ranked 1v1 or 2v2?
If yes, how many times have you been in the frustrating situation to play against an oppressive Darc horse?
The biggest issue with that variant civ is, that the hero makes the gamestyle extremely onesided and one-dimensional and super annoying to play against while having 54.7% winratio in all elo ranges together and even 54.9% in conqueror. This is way too much for a civ that is being played in high pickrates and not just by some pros who mastered it and dominate their elo bracket because THEY are good with it only, being actual pros and knowing how to squeeze the maximum potential out of it.
This civ is generally opressive (while requiring minimal skill and mostly attackmove+pressing q w button) and super annoying to play against.
If you make pikes to counter the knights, Darc just slaughters them with Q spell followed by auto-attacks. In the same moment, the knights can chase/pulverize your army for free. And then there is the panic button (w), once your knights reach low hp.

Obviously, if you just casually play quickmatch, where the enemy is not even trying to win and doesn’t constantly pressure your base from early feudal (or even dark-age) on and just watches the landscape, you will never feel that pressure from that horse and never realize how broken and unfair it is at equal skill level.
In ranked, especially mid-high elo, people will CONSTANTLY pressure your base and force fights, won’t give you a moment to breath. And if you try and defend yourself, you play in their cards.
It is just super frustrating, as their is no other civ in this game which is that onesided and massively overpowered in one regard (hero) while offering only little variety in macro and small eco.

Noone is talking about the scenario where your enemy DARC is basically idle and gives your 30 minutes of free boom and chilltime, so please don’t throw in these out-of-context trollposts.


Me? It was relic/Microsoft that created a MOBA hero with 0 historical accuracy, logical reason? Politics

Why I don’t complain about Japan? Because is historical accuracy match, jean never fought and never had divine powers lol, relic should call valve and let them allow to insert Jean, the supreme femenist hero.

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She was representes in campaign only, and she had no “divine” powers. So age 2 did the correct thing.

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I mean… england has one unique unit that has so much power you’ll see it exclusively, and going fc with them let’s you up your eco while remaining aggressive. Rus you are at a severe disadvantage if you don’t contest the wildlife, and you need to invest in a dock to contest water. Delhi forces you to play on their terms with sacred sites, usually getting a ton of castles on them by age 3, which also produce eco. Normal french doesn’t have a hero, but that doesn’t stop them from being oppressive and gradually building up an insane eco. Or HRE going for FC into relics and either smashing you there or booming with swabia. I could go on with the strengths of every other faction, they all have things you don’t want to let them achieve.

Like, yeah, if you fixate on Jeanne’s strengths and treat them as unbeatable it sounds op… or you could use those things as advance knowledge and work around them to defeat her. Do you understand you’ve actually done a lot of work to identify how you can actually counter her?

Taking extra time to get upset over the things you can’t change, or even making up things to be upset about (politics have nothing to do with this game), are just holding you back. Asymmetric gameplay is a rarity for the genre and should be treasured. Especially when it’s implemented this well. Even with a 55% winrate you could easily beat a Jeanne 100 mmr below you. On equal terms, with study and practice, you shouldn’t struggle at all.

MOBA games don’t tend to feature an entire army or significant (/ any) base-building, and I challenge you to win a single game without using either :slight_smile:

So yes, politics. You objecting to what you see as the dev’s politics is showing your own. What am I supposed to prefer. Theirs or yours?

Pretty sad that no DEV is replying to this thread of leaving a short statement on the further changes of the DARC horse, as the thread title is specifically addressing the DEVs.

A short statement would be VERY much appreciated.
This long silence doesn’t make the situation in the community any better.
Also, people would have a lot of good and constructive feedback to planned changes if they were COMMUNICATED in ADVANCE, before the coming patch.

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Another month has gone by.
Certain civs are still broken.
No patch yet, no hotfix, not even a short statement by the devs, nothing.

This is MORE than just disappointing honestly…
I wish I could take my money back.



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Honestly never thought I’d say this but I think I’d still be playing the game if the DLC just never came out and the game never got new content, game got objectively worse.