This is a joke

I have been trying to play online games all this week (1v1 or TGs) and it is impossible, the fps drops are outrageous. I’m just wondering if Microsoft just wanted to sell some copies or add new players to the game. If it is the second, I think they will fail, no new player would stay if these things keep happening.

Before, I was somehow content with the game. Now that I have experienced what many others were saying is just unbearable and unplayable. But hey Microsoft already got my money for the 4th time for the same game.

I’m playing from an i7 8700K 32 GB RAM and GTX1060 and my internet speed is 380.50/30.64.

If the game was not ready I do not know why you release it. It is just a waste of time for the unfortunate players who have to experience this situation

PS: My benchmark is 1257


i feel like, with microsoft its only about money. the only reason orignal aoe2 was made so well and should i say, ahead of its time, was cause it was the age of buying new pc’s.

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I guess they didn’t want to push the release back, even with so many beta testers asking for it, due to the iconic 11/14 release date, as well as being able to say “today we released aoe2:de” during the xbox conference where they showed aoe4 footage.