This is just a 4k texture pack for $20

The population limit for some mysterious reason is still 200 and there is no way to change it, nor was the unit population cost reduced.
No new civilization except a single one.
Devs were all about how zooming will be better, but in really it’s not much different from the original, both had the “very far” option.
The graphics looks muddy even on ultra settings

Developers should have been making actual content, not pandering to sjws about dancing indians no one cares about and doesn’t effect the game.

No wonder they didn’t release a demo this time, it would have been obvious to people that this stuff doesn’t worth the money.


I’m NA and that comment doesn’t offend me, so no reason for mods to delete it (future proofing you).


Its not mystirious why the pop limit is 200, its not like AoE II were 1 pop per unit. Some units cost more pop, like cuirisier with 3 pop.

Most units that cost more pop scale when you have more of them. So lets say you make the max 400.

Now the French can have 100 cuirisier which is extreme and unbeatable.

There are also units which have maximum, like natives, one of the Sioux etc. The game is just not made for other pop maximuns.

Also there are 2 new civs


What…? But who cares if the game is unbalanced…? It’s options. If someone want to play with 400 pop limit against AI, why they can’t…?

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Meanwhile the campaign have Malta using the British flag.

and Germans must have went back in time

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Even if, your pc is not going to be able to handle it, the performance of DE has been frankly sheit, and I agree with the poster that it has been lackluster.

Inca’s are Aztecs 2.0 but better, just copy paste basically.

Swedes have nothing new to them really, it are just shrines of Japan.

If you play 1 vs 4 on extreme you will need more units even if that means the enemy will have more as well. Anyway, even 100 cuirisier can be easily beaten. That’s why we have highlanders and dragoons.

It is not about balancing but the developers laziness and money grabbing.

Well highlanders will die easily to Gendarme, just like dragoon, cuirisier/Gendarme has enough hp to soak up the dragoons damage and still able with area damage to destroy your units.

bruh it literally has 2 new civs…
and releasing demos in 2020 is unheard of, afaik there has only been 1 demo in the last 5 years for a notable title.

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The two new civs are lackluster tho withouth new concepts or mechanics.

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Units die, even cuirisiers with 1,5k hp

they are as different from the rest as the initial 14 civs were


So simple tell the truth “we did not put a higher population cap because how game performance is ■■■■ and no one can run it” instead of inventing lies like you did with “the game will be unbalanced”.

Reason is it would break balance and/or crash PCs.

False. Two new civs; Swedes & Incas.

The option is called the same, but zooms out much further now. Devs said the truth.

This is true, they are working on a fix. Meanwhile I made a mod to fix it:


This list says other wise

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Release Day Gameplay Changelog - Age of Empires


Its not a lie, be my guest if you want to play with more pop, but it wont be balanced, simple as that.

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They are the same as Aztecs, like there is no difference except Inca stats are better, their houses are just longhouses and Shrines combined. Aztecs are made obsolute with Inca’s

beta was free, and i like the game every cent is worth

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cavalry russhan archer kill curiaser, dragoons are faster than curiasers but its very difficult to not be trapped and move the rest of the army