This is just dumb

I don’t want to play vs Mongol/Dehli playing scum or smurfs with their constantly changing names.

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do it again and 15 minute cooldown. ■■■■ you devs.

Play customs games so you can choose which play against


Honestly props to them.
People leaving ranked queue on purpose ruins the quality of matches.
Next time you’re getting destroyed by somebody better than you why not just surrender instead?
That way you can learn from the experience and your MMR will better reflect your skill.

If you don’t want to play vs certain civs just play unranked custom games.


imagine you play only one civ and some maps are really bad for it, so you wanna dodge it.
Now you can say, learn another civ or play with the handycap.

On Custom Maps its sometimes hard to find an opponent with the same skill level.

For ranked the penalty is ok, but for a QM? really? please add a map ban option.


They should do something to ban smurf accounts. Why should I be matched vs top 1k player after 11 games played? clearly a smurf.


There are a lot of smurf players that really ruins the quality of matches, specially Chinese players. Most of them use game exploits to win (force desync, relic bug, etc…)

I want to play against people with similar level , ELO, otherwise should be a way to exit the match before start.

Would you play any game knowing that you will lose?

First of all I understand why this system is in place as it can ruin some players experience. However the issue the myself and a lot of people have with this is that they added the penalty without adding any map ban system and it will drive many players away.

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I agree, they totally need to do something about smurfing. This is one of the reasons why many new players are discouraged from playing and learning the game.

Wow! 30 minutes penalty and now the other player disconected in a 1vs1 game NOT ME!!!



they should probably hotfix this. admit they effed up. guaranteed that matchmaking will get very difficult at certain times. player base will shrink quickly.

another thing, if i cant read a players name, i dump out. if they have a number as a name, i dump out. if they only play the number one meta civ, i dump out.

I can understand it because you still can’t veto maps, but for the reasons you state, it’s time to put up with it or play custom.

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Don’t you know, they want to see how fast they can rank up on new ID at your expense. They want to see how many names they can get into the top 100

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filtered I guess…? though the cheat issue was somewhat solved

60 bucks a pop for a smurf, topkek. Some players are coming in with experience from AOE2, majority of them really, the actual smurfs are rare.

seems kinda toxic. This is why it was implemented.
Play the number one meta civ? You seem to care more about your score, since you dont do customs. Why not cheese then?
If you want to mess with the best then these are the rules.

That’s just like your opinion man.

Do they. Doesn’t family sharing work?

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If you leave early in the 1st 5 min of a team game there should be a penalty. It ruins it for all!!
If up to me we would start at a 15 min timeout if you leave early or before the game even starts. In team game its just bad. Even if your behind you can help your team someway instead of just quitting.

Keep it up devs. dont back down. This is good.


They can easily just swap out name in steam.

I agree on leaving your teamates hanging; it’s a bad thing. Leaving a 1v1 before the load screen shouldn’t be penalized. I think Dehli sacred site wins are pure scumbag level play. If I look at a players history and they’re a Dehli player, I won’t play them. Dehli has been broken a long time. There’s a friggin reason that the players banned it in that NC4 tourney.

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