This is the insiders program?

I’ve just signed up for this and to be honest i was expecting a bit more of it… i don’t know, but since they ask you to agree to the NDA and all, i expect to have “things” i could do here…

I mean, i would like to see questionnaires or something where to throw an idea the developers way without being shouting at the wind.

Anyone else feels the same?


Hi @EagerMusician0, The community team does send out surveys to all registered insiders from time to time. You’re welcome to provide your suggestions for the insider program in this #insiders category.

I noticed your profile photo does not have the insider tag. Are you logged into the forums with the same account used to register as an insider? If you are, please submit a request on for your insider forum badge.

Hi, I’ve contacted them about it.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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