This is the most UNBALANCED unit in the game. Cannoneers

This unit with ethiopians is OP as F. It’s 1 pop, has shadow tech and the double melee attack of every other skirm.
For some reason it also shadow tech his stats in age 3 and age 4 with ethiopians, so they are strong in every age.
cañonero imperial

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how do you create them?

Ship them or through the Portuguese alliance.

Wait till you hear about abus guns!


Cannoneers are 1 pop and cheap, 2 cannoneers are better than 1 obus by far

One of several videos this guy has that show how OP abus gunners are. I encourage you to check his channel


Cannoneers would win in a fight of equal population as they’re only 1 pop. Abus are more cost effective though as they have 3 upgrade cards, 2 of which are +15% att/hp.
Cannoneers can only be produced reliably by ethiopia and they have almost no significant upgrades for them so I’d take abus over cannoneers.

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50 siege damage + multipliers 1 pop, you need card upgrades? ### ### # ### of here.

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We’re comparing both of the units, it’s not about whether they need upgrades or not. Abus gunners have better base stats and far more upgrade cards. So unless it’s treaty or 4v4 or something the abus gunner is better in most situations as it’s more cost effective with all it’s potential upgrades.

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arent ethopian hand canoneers only trainable by spending influence, which isnt as easy to gather as coin would? generally?

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Cannoneers can get 22 range?

Nerf the Ports! Oh wait

Yes, but comparativly to other mercs africans get they are easily massable and can get reduced price on influence. Also considering how ethiopia is the aggressive of the bunch and got the 200 influence / shipment card, combine that with the palace shipment with another 300 influence and you can get a lot of cannoneers fast.

comparativly the hausa only get the Zouve, which… honestly is just horrendous even with the better influence generation in baseline civ design. But that is an issue with the Zouve being horrendous at 3 pop and it’s indluence price.

It’s funny that you say Ethiopia is the aggresive of the “bunch” as if there were more than just 1 other african civ.


i mean yeah. But then again it is the more aggresive civ. Unless they create the Kongo kingdom and or morocco which would be even more offensive. One navaly the other land based.

Common misconception from Hausa players, for Ethiopia they can gather influence at the same rate as coin and Monasteries provide a buff to mining rate as well.

No i don’t think you can collect influence by sending vills there. Only the monastery itself collect influence

Thats not how a monastery works. You can choose between 25% or 50% influence gathering rate while slowing down the coin rate (75% coin 25% influence or 50% coin, 50% influence). But the resource isn’t made up, it is drawn from the coin mine total coin pool; if it has 5k coin, you will get 2.5k influence and 2.5k gold. You aren’t getting 5k gold and 2.5k influence. This is the main reason Ethiopia has a lot of HC cards that increase yield for the coin mine because its getting less coin from each natural mine.

You can choose to get influence slowing down your coin gather rate.