THIS IS why russ need been nerf

46 units in 7 minutes wtf and they need nerf the vills queue

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Its at minute 8 (7:56) and you had basically the same half a minute later. Military population is also more relevant, since the game is ballanced around that
… based on that graph he could have 46 stelets and you 40 hussars, so we are missing important information


yaeh etiopians dont have a good cav they shotel warrior sukcs

also you lost some units before (ca. minute 7) and had only one units in production when you could have had 5 (minute 6 and at 7:56). The big blue drop at min 11 indicates that your army was superior (in relation to unit count) since your losses werent as big

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but he can remass so ez that is the problem because i kill his army

Russia will have more villagers than most civs as time goes on, just the nature of them batch training 3 at a time. If you were playing brit they’d have had like 50 vills in half the time. Russias eco is nothing special.

The shotel isn’t bad though it’s not good at raiding, they have a multiplier vs all types of infantry, and vs the russian musket they’d probably hold up ok as they’re weaker than regular musks, shotels would shred through strelets.

46 units isn’t anything incredible with russia either, they’ll ship like 20 then add 2 batches of strelets and your at 40+. You should be able to hold it by making shotel and probably aging with sudanese to make dhervish to deal with musks. Remember you can eat your livestock if necessary. Ethiopia also has a CM like card.


Just make tons of cav at early game and Russian is over.

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Seems like everyone has trouble with this particular guy’s Russia. Higher praise, there can be none.


He is like like greatscythe but for russia

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Or Piro of Shiki for Spain.

or you need to play better. lol

nah this russian player is gaining a lot notoriety as an extremely good player. you may still be correct but this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen players complain about this guy being untouchable

yeah, that’s what it is. A good russian player, not that russia is any OP. I have never won against greatscythe11 but that doesn’t mean i will ask germany to be nerfed xD

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