This mongolian strategy is ridiculous and is extremely op

I have used mongolian in team games and they have and strategy ridiculously strong. If you make 70/80 scouts you can destroy any distinctive building en few seconds, and you can spawn massive scouts and run into there base.

Sure, you can tell me “if you make walls, this never happend” but, another point is that strategy dont work, you will have a lot of gold, lumber, stone to make a change of any units.

In conclusion, I dont think that an scouts should be able destroy buildings so fast.


What are your enemies doing in the meantime while you spam all your Scouts?


Sounds funny xD

Your enemy or enemies allowing you to train mass scouts (like 80) is just a 100 elo thing xD
If they were decent players, they would scout your base and Ovoo to see what you are doing and would train lots of spearmen to counter your mass scouts easily.

It sounds more like a suicide strategy xD

Its not funny when you play in an open map, where is too expensive make walls and, if you defend with pikes, you lose by movility. The scouts just have to run to another build while your pikes try stop them.

Im tried this in hight elo TG and works very well.

I do agree that mass scouts can catch you by surprise. Idk why scouts have such high torch damage. I’ve have even had to mass scouts in games where enemy was going full on siege. They die easily but are very cost effective against siege and buildings.

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Its like a cheaper easier version of the Chinese fire lancer strat, And hell its caught me by surprise too before.

But I’m going to have to agree with my compatriots on this one, Its a strategy that has many counters and largely punishes passive play. They are indeed cost effective against siege and buildings, While being bad against literally everything else, even villager’s to an extent.

It’s never too expensive to make walls!

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Ive seen pro players not even build the full surrounding walls, but just build obstacles that force opponents to go near defensive buildings etc etc

Even cheaper.

Yes, that is something that many should learn as time goes by. It has been a staple tactic ever since walls were a part of RTS games.

Some games removed walls to avoid it.

This only work with noobs.

You scout their Ovoo and saw two stables before Fedual, get a dozen of spears, gameover.