This Patch Killed Tatars?



Additional Town Center sheep now only spawn from newly-constructed Town Centers, and only after advancing to the Castle Age.


Keshik [Standard & Elite]: Increased the food cost from 50 :arrow_forward: 60 food. The gold cost remains the same (40 gold).

I mean the keshik cost increase is fine, but removing entirely the sheeps from feudal???, even just only one was needed lol, now they are back again to the weaker side.

Now what cav archer civ can I use effectively man? with a good BO??


They buffed cav archers, which will benefit Tatars so, so much. And sheeps spawning in castle age will still be good, no need to fret.


But what I mean I used this all time with them:

Basically the civ that I felt comfy for cavalry archers

Then wait for them to make a new one?

Could be but this really feels bad 11

Good bye top tier civ. 11

Have you said hello to sic and bukgarians yet.

  1. Speeforce Castle drops with army immun to skirms, halbs, camels and hand cannons, plus win every mangonel war.
  2. Farms that give gold to auto win every 1v1 trash war, complemented by relic food. Caste age cavalier for the cost of bloodlines and half price paladin upgrade. UU with a portable and recharanle mini nuke. Sprinkle so early eco techs and HC with Apr ammunition.
    Looking forward to the next Youtube uploads of the pros

I’m just unsure why they nailed Keshiks on food cost. Yes, they are extremely efficient for their cost, and still will be quite efficient after the change, but they’re pushing it more towards the Tarkan’s cost rather than pulling the Tarkan’s cost closer to itself. The Tarkan is rarely used in the worst kind of way, and it’s not like the Keshik was lighting the world on fire before.

I’m not sure about the cav archer changes. Realistically speaking, if they wanted to make a meaningful change they could have done a lot of different things. The firing delay change helps Tatars in a much more significant way than something like adjusting accuracy would do because they get thumb ring for free and don’t need to concern themselves with many of the other drawbacks of going CA. The frame delay change they pushed was barely an adjustment, just a “feel good” change that didn’t affect much… I guess it’s a better result than ruining it by going too far, but it wasn’t necessary.

Honestly, I think it was a foolish decision. It’ll make Tatar CA even more potent whilst barely affecting the CA on a wider scale, where if you’re unimpressed with the CA in general, this change does nothing for you, whereas an accuracy change would have been far more significant for giving the unit a use case in early castle for more than just pure CA civs.

Going to be honest, I wish this was the change on the patch I cared most about, but the patch notes on balance are barely a few snips long and I can’t find a lot of things I like. Mayan, Burmese, and Wall changes are going to light the meta on fire. Complaints about the Tatar changes are missing the elephant in the room.

Well half the reason people will be happy about this update is fact the Saracen, Mayan and Arambai are no longer anti-building 11 tho you can count on the new civs to set the meta on fire

They completely butchered the sheep bonus 11, you don’t even get them in castle age without building a second TC at which point you’d rather farm

i don’t like it

the sheep thing was good on multiple maps
their other free stuff is only good on cavalry archer maps

They should have just reduced it to 1 sheep per town center. I don’t understand why they make civ bonuses so complicated.


Tbh this version is less complicated than the OG one, since it’s only new TCs and not “your-starting-TC-too-but-in-feudal-for-some-reason” Overall Tatar keep a booming bonus and a well armoured CA+light cav combo, so they are still much stronger than their pre-november version.

They lost 4 sheep, two in feudal and two in castle. They can give back the two in castle.

they didn’t lose 2 in castle age, what are you talking about?
they only get 2 per tc under the old, not 2 per tc per age.

and cav archers got buffed.

Ah, you are right.

Well, they can give one sheep back

Is it though? Sheep spawning in the new TCs was arguably the least useful part of the Tatar bonus. Farming was more viable. A bit too harsh of a nerf for a civ that wasn’t all that powerful

Tatars are more than fine now especially with CA fix, but i am still saying that the training time for the CA need to be reduced; 34s training time even with 2 ranges still high

its 4 seconds more then a knight for a unit that fights at range, is more mobile, and is less likely to take damage.
i don’t find the training time to be a problem at all.

Yeah but you forgot that CA actually will not make any good damage except with large numbers, massing CA is not easy