This really should be a BUG! Fallen allies are your enemy

I believe by choosing “bug” thread I run the risk of this not being taken seriously as a game breaking mechanic. But regardless I’ll try to rally the attention it deserves.
The scenario is a 2v2 map. Your teammate has disregarded all communication attempts, and is about to be overrun directly through the giant hole in his defense. The enemy army is now heading straight for his landmarks. Once the landmarks are destroyed your teammate is done. But… His diligent workers keep going.
Why is this a bug? After kicking out the enemy army you are left with a new problem. His workers are now mining out recourses that you can’t have and you are unable to stop them. Therefore you are left with a rogue AI, once teammate, who is trying to take your potential recourses. This might not be a bug in the technical sense, but this does break a game. You now are trying to make a come back with a hindrance in your own base. In most cases once your teammate is knocked out you really only have one inevitable conclusion. Being overwhelmed.
Possible fixes? There are many examples of other games that have fixed this through giving you control of the remaining units/economy of the fallen ally, or even just sending you directly the recourses they gather without gaining control of them. This in my opinion would provide the remaining teammate with a potential boost to help them have a slim chance of a comeback. You would not have a lot of time left due to the fact your pop cap is still 200 whilst your enemies have the combined cap of 400. Again you would be overwhelmed eventually.
I’m no dev, and I certainly have no experience in balancing games, but I would think this might be a option to explore. Hopefully providing a more balanced and competitive experience in the game for multiplayer matches.
Thanks again for taking the time to read my rant.


Not to mention that any of the fallen units can be converted via religious units (when holding a relic)

In a team game my teamate converted a big mass of elite fire lancers that were left over by an eliminated Chinese player. That should not be exploitable by either side (Teamates/Opponents).


I definitely believe that all that our allies or enemies possess ought to poof away into ashes when they are defeated.


recently had a game where the teamate FF and their walls became a real hindrance.

Feedback heard. Thank you @DarthBane1914 + all.

yeah this is a real problem. Would be nice to see neutral units un-convertible and still share vision. Because I’ve still won 2v1’s but your forfeited team still being on your side (not becoming a hindrance due to lack of vision) would be nice :smiley: