This should have been a perfect expansion but

I appreciate the work of the developers,But this expansion would be even better without these weird variant civilizations name.

Civilization variants is a good concept. It can introduce minor civilizations that are difficult to launch at a lower cost. This should have been a new way forward, but the developers don’t seem to be using this concept in the right place, instead making them appear more purely “gamey”…

This shouldn’t have happened, Some players who really love this game and are fascinated by its atmospheric feel will be genuinely sad, I feel honored for this game and spent a lot of effort to maintain its information site for chinese player. But now I feel a little sad

This shouldn’t have happened


Best we can hope is that the devs will respond to the sizable backlash and act accordingly. The developers have been great so far, really done a fantastic job with the game and being fair to the community. Let’s hope they continue to do so.


So true…I said in another thread, it’s such a straightforward, natural, to-go choice to make good use of the “variant civs” concept to represent the “smaller” factions that cannot fit in as full civs. Idk how they could narrowly miss all the good options and zig-zagged all their way to find a really bad one.


Indeed. It’s no surprise to me that every community member that has been involved in some way in creating new civ designs or contributing to the historical aspect of the game HATES the names.


Greate expansion devs! thank you for all! but I gotta agree, please we need different names for those variants.


Completely agree, I love the developers work all the way up until now, and this is but one issue that should be perfectly fixable. Get that done and it won’t just be as if nothing ever happened, my respect will also grow for your commitment to the community :slight_smile:


This is a great game, and the efforts of the production team are definitely commendable. However, many small problems can be fixed in just a few minutes, but it has not changed for several years, and the frequency of official bug feedback is also decreasing.

I guess they don’t want to be disturbed by various sounds in their judgment, so they simply don’t watch the forum, or most of the time choose to ignore these sounds.

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Why did they change the names?

I consider it as AoE 3 revolutions (playable micro-civs but starting from base civs)

The Sultan’s Army: it is Saladin’s Army (in AoE 2 remember the phrase, where are you going with that army, Saladin?) (1174-1193)

Jade Empire: It is based on the mythology of Tang and Song China (618-1279)

Order of the Dragon: It is the Order of Emperor Sigismund who fought against the Hussites and the Ottomans (1408-1529)


Joan of Arc: The army of Joan of Arc (1429-1431)