This unit doesn't works well

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A time ago I was wondering why every time I played vs Sweden with Hausa I felt that Fulani can’t kill the caroleans, and after seeing in detail the stats, I notice that Fulani doesn’t work vs heavy infantry. Literally, Carolean kills Fulani fast, because,Fulani needs about 23.68 secs to kill a Carolean, while Carolean only needs about 20.08 secs to kill a Fulani. Both cost almost the same amount of resources (105 Fulani and 100 carolean). Even a port musketeer can counter Fulani, because only needs only 17.45 secs to kill it while Fulani 19.73 secs. In these calculations, I considered that the time that unit need to kill another unit, which is given by

where HP are the hit points of the unit that we want to kill, ATK is the attack and Mult is the multiplier of the unit we want to try, RR is the range resistance of the unit we want to kill and ROF is the rate of fire the unit we want to try. I think that only a slight increase of his multiplier of 0.25 vs heavy infantry could make Fulani a real counter of heavy infantry. But, I want to know ur opinion guys.

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Faster RoF should be reserved for civs that hasnt easy acces to artillery

The 20 range of the Fulani should also be considered. They can fire and back and it depends on the unit mass of both, the bad thing is that the carolean has a slightly higher speed than the fulani, I don’t know if hausa have additional multipliers available against heavy infantry for the fulani but it seems strange that they don’t they basically still make good losses against caroleans just by seeing the stats. Don’t the Hausa have an advanced arsenal or a card that increases the multiplier against heavy infantry for the Fulani or an age change with the Portuguese?

Portuguese is only age 5 for Hausa and they have CIR with only affect skirms

I would say this unit scales very badly for the late if it doesn’t have further upgrades to counter heavy infantry efficiently, I don’t know the unit because I don’t play african civ, how much does the unit cost?

Its obvious that Fulani archers will fail a battle with Caroleans

Portuguese is for ethiopia, hausa get british at age 5 but they only get a basic arsenal not advanced arsenal techs.

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105 resources, 70 food, 35 wood. Carolean 100 resources, 60 food 40 gold.

Not a good value, it costs more fulano to lose against a unit that should be countered by fulano and costs less, this will not happen right away in 2 or 3 age but from 4 age then late game