Thought about different civilizations architectures

Back in voobly, in Wololo Kingdoms edition, there were a few mods that would change the architecture style to many civilizations, making each of them much more different and unique. For example, Koreans, Japanese and Vietnamese could have a slightly different kind of architecture instead of the exact same one as the chinese. The same for the case of Vikings, Teutons, etc.

I am not saying that this should be incorporated to the game itself, but it would be great to see a mod we could choose to have more distinct architectural styles.

This is one of the mods I refer to.

It is hard to make destruction animations.

@Tevious7621 thought, that it is possible to somehow automatically generate generic destruction animations for buildings?

Destruction animation will need weight in fracturing parts, compare Mongolian Wonder collapse with Korean Wonder Collapse. I don’t think it will be possible to create proper destruction animations… Is there some other ideas for how should the generic animation be?

I wouldn’t care losing the destruction animation over having a more personalised architecture set for each particular civilization.

New ones would be nice, but the least they could do is give Persians the new Central Asian one and change the Huns to either the Eastern European or the Mediterranean one, Huns are not Northern European and that architecture makes 0 sense for them

It’s the central European architecture and it’s a nod to Hun displacement of Germanic tribes, they settled along the Danube

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What I was talking about would just be buildings “sinking” into the ground hidden behind a generic dust cloud and debris animation. Not nearly as nice as what’s in game, but could be sufficient for people unable to create actual destruction animations.

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