Thought: Display the available outlaws and mercs when loading the map

Since some outlaws and mercs are much less useful, I think it would be a good idea to know about the available outlaws and mercs at the start of a game (though people don’t really often train them from Saloons).

BTW, what do people think about random mercs? I feel like mercs are mostly shipped rather than trained. Would less randomness make them more useful? The mercenary politician and the Swedish feature are good additions, though.


Yeah also natives, definitely.


I like it when playing as ports and the saloon offer Black Riders, not that they’re any better than a dragoon, but if I also send the ports church card all of my black rider will be renamed to Tower and Sword Rider which is kinda cool for me and I can retrain them. Same goes if I got Stradiots as Dutch.

Outlaws the only worth creating are only the skirmisher type so only Renegados and Thuggees I think. The pistolero, pirate kind are not that much better than musk or pikeman considering their pop cost, while outlaw like renegados have base 40 something damage. Other worth noting outlaws are the wokou ronin, they cost like 3 pop and have 400hp but no damage multiplier.

The age 3 merc contractor version is good except for the portuguese. British and Swedes got Jaeger as they lack skirmisher, Dutch got Fusilier for not having musketeer, Otto got Corsair which is really fun to use with the speed upgrade. Ports meanwhile got Ronin which they can also get from the dance hall card, and lil bombard which are to clunky and expensive to use although it’s nice they didn’t have lower multiplier vs cavalry.

That’s true. I think we should either change the dance hall card (at least for the Portuguese), or give them a different merc with the politician.

Changing the card may bug out other civ that also have that card, making a new specific dance hall card for port also seems dumb (for me).

Changing the merc from the politician for port seems to be the best way. I think the reason why dev put Ronin and lil bombard for ports is due to they have lower option for siege unit in age 3 as they lack falconet and the high siege damage they have is pikeman and halbs. So I think the best option to change the Ronin is to give them Swiss Pikeman or Landsknecht as they also fulfill the same role as Ronin and also have high siege damage.