Thought experiment: swap fabric shields and el Dorado . Test it in the PUP

Obviously I know this is a wild idea. But in the interest of promoting diversity:

Was wondering how it would affect the relevant civs if they did a tech swap between fabric shields and el Dorado. Still affecting the same 3 Incan units WITH A REDUCED EFFECT, and only affecting the Mayan eagle.

Mayans lose their god-level eagle powerspike. And instead gain +1/2 eagles. But they have excellent arbs and an amazing UU, along with their boss eco.

Incas, the weakest mesos, gain god-level eagles, slingers get the imperial buff so many have asked for, and kamayuks lose their “counter almost everything” potential(due to high PA and dps when blobbed) but become vastly better in melee.

Along with many other diversity orientated changes like making SL, BE, and EA more viable, I wonder how this could make Incas more attractive and reduce some of the negative player experience from facing Mayans?

I know Incas aren’t a weak civ, and this is a very late game change, but wondering how much more appealing incas could be if it were implemented?


Incas would still have a rough time due to having pretty weak eco, I guess. The eagles would also be worse than +1/2 eagles if they aren’t 100 hp (unless you meant 100 hp eagles and weaker hp buff for other units, but that’d get pretty convoluted).

Like 100hp Eagles can somewhat go against Cavalry or some melee, but Incan Eagles are already better against ranged units, only in raiding you’d prefer Mayan Eagles due to Castle/TC fire.

IDK how Kamayuks would pan out as well, because they already have pretty high HP. They still are countered by ranged units simply because they are melee, but become even more oppressive in melee fights.

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75 HP slingers kinda scary no?

And would fabric shields go only in Eagle for Mayans? Plumed maybe would be too much.