Thoughts about marketing

I generally agree with this video, the marketing for this game is terrible.
The only reason I feel confident in buying the game is because I got to try the beta. But most people didn’t have that luxury. What do you think?


I think that the situation was saved by the open beta, most of the skeptics changed their minds sharply after participating in the beta.
The marketing is really terrible, and it’s not only about AoE 4, it’s about the new Halo as well.
It looks like Microsoft’s marketing department is working for Sony.


None of us may discuss the opinions of others during the beta, and even if we could, it’d be impossible for any of us to know what most people think. There were like 100k beta invites.


Watched a further video where they talk about a Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview they had with Relic.
And it isn’t good news either… Apparently we may even see features removed from what was in the beta? (I won’t explain which ones)

Is there any information about the open beta? Someone said that she would be, then they said that she most likely would not be, so in the end?

They’d have to announce it within the beginning of this month for it to matter tbf.
So it will either happen really soon, or not at all. :face_with_head_bandage:

Eliot from Relic said a few weeks ago there would be an open beta. We’ve heard nothing further really.


I am starting to think there is not going to be an open beta, they would have gotten all the info they needed during the closed beta.


You do know that silance is a answer, rigth?

Some great comments on that video that resonate - basically that the beta we can’t talk about was amazing why the F is their marketing so bad, show some damn gameplay for the masses.


They show what they could show.

Can’t tell more.

Set up a show match of 2v2 the Relic devs vs. some of their inside council players.
Boom, free marketing that would generate more hype than anything they’ve done so far combined…


I really don’t think that’s the case if you are talking about the “global queue”. It’s definitely referring to the UI element and not matchmaking. That video first off misquoted the article to make the poorly worded statement sound even worse. Also that article is really ■■■■■■. It’s a terribly written recollection of the interview where the author spends more time talking about his own “funny” comments than what the people being interviewed actually had to say. You’ll notice the reference to global queue is not a quote. Unfortunately we can’t see the actual interview itself.


marketing isnt great, they focus on the wrong things. WHile I do get their historical education perspectibve and I personally love that aspect, A view of real gameplay would be much better marketable. But after Playing the beta, I know why they dont show that.
Its no fun to play in the current state for me and many others :smiley:


I disagree it’s a lot more fun than I expected and I can’t wait to play the game again.


I cant really comment on the feedback of most participants (NDA).

But I assume that what I hated most about age 4 was one mechanic, which I was not the only one to hate.

The gameplay itself was fun, yet the game for me was unplayable :smiley:

I assume that open beta will be like the ones for AoE 1 - 3 DE like 1 week before the release. I hope we’ll also have a second closed beta.

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Technically I guess beta can be called that, even if the only purpose is to stress-test network infrastructure and eliminate critical bugs. I’d expect at least 1-2months of dev time before release to implement any meaningful tweaks, let alone any serious changes.
I’m less excited for 2nd beta than I am for a response after 1st and survey and threads made in this forum.


Their marketing for this game is garbage and I really don’t understand what they are trying to achieve here, nothing good has come out from it and it has damaged AoEIV more than done good in my opinion.

Without giving away anything about the closed beta due to the NDA, the marketing really doesn’t reflect what was shown in the closed beta and it’s like two different games.