Thoughts about the state of the game and moving forward

My point was that it is very difficult having a lot of civs good in a very specific setting. I do not think that it is a big issue if Aztecs are OP in graveyard. Islands is the less played map, so it is aceptable if there are two civs… numbers get much better moving towards hybrid maps.

I would like to see Portuguese and Koreans more involved in water, but let us see. These two civs should receive a small buff for land, maybe if it is an eco buff they will become competitive on pure water also.

Balancing is more important in 1v1 Arabia, which is the reference. Here I would say that we are very close to perfection, with small tunes to Portuguese/Koreans/Italians. Plus Turk fix. After these changes we may have also the water variety improved.

Its a subjective assessment given my hundreds of hours of play time, and on anecdotal evidence, just like you made numerous subjective statements in your post.

And if you are implying that team games are not what keeps AOE 2 alive, well my friend then I doubt that you are familiar with this game at all.

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okay i just wanted clarification, because a lot of people around here like to spread misinformation. and you’re right, i made numerous subjective statements. that is clearly broadcast by the title of the thread.

I actually enjoy team games myself, but its rare in a RTS for the most popular game mode to be team games. which is why i asked.

cool dude, thanks for clarifying that. And I appreciate you making a post on this because healthy discussions like these are required, and this way we are able to learn from each other.

I agree its rare for an RTS to have team games to be the most popular format, but I used to play on Voobly a lot before DE came out and you can find that most amateur players there are seeking and playing team games.

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@MatCauthon3, @OutlaWoftOrN
On there are 36 137 players in 1v1 random map ladder and 54 027 players in team random map ladder. This is your answer. Btw, there are 190 588 players in unranked ladder (+ many more who have not touched multiplayer), so majority does not even participate in ranked play.

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i was merely curious about the numbers due to a variety of reasons. and i already seriously suspected that most people don’t even touch multiplayer.

Like me :slight_smile:

Right. And of those 190,000 odd players most people create or join 3v3 or 4v4 lobbies. A glance at the current lobbies in unranked ladder can tell you that. And that is the issue, that both ranked and unranked 3v3 or 4v4 matches are currently not working, meaning most of the playerbase cant play right now.

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Multiplayer playerbase*. I am not certain, how is the distribution of playerbase among single vs multi player, but at least before DE single player was 3 times more popular than multiplayer according to some calculations. Anyway, multiplayer issues should certainly be fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

well if multiplayer is roughly 300k, steam alone has 2 million copies sold.