Thoughts On Altering War Wagons:

From this post on the ESOC Forums:

Current Stats of WW: … ?so=search

Because War Wagon uses a cannon for its attack, it could actually make sense to give its attack the properties of a cannon.
Possible Buffs:
-Convert War Wagon damage type to siege damage.
-Add Area of Effect to War Wagon attack.
Nerfs to compensate:
-Lower damage of War Wagon.
-Lower ratio of Damage that War Wagons do to Cannons.
-Lower fire rate of War Wagon.

Now that the idea of ranged AOE cavalry is being explored by the Devs (with Hakkapels), it makes sense to apply it to War Wagons.
Hopefully there can be a way to balance this unit and concept.

War wagon is powerful enough thanks

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This is something that would make more sense for Zamburaks, not War Wagons.

War Wagons were historically something that was to counter heavy cavalry and was vulnerable to artillery. Their current form already fits that, and this change would make it further from that. If any changes for were made to them, it could be an unpack/dismount mode that could let them act as a more defensive wagon fort.

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