Thoughts on Incas

I’ve always liked the idea of the Incas but many prefer the Aztecs or Mayans. Those other civs seem more hard hitting and specialized. The Incas obviously have the UU Kamayuk, but even that now doesn’t feel unique because of the Steppe Lancer. And the Incas seem to have the lesser of the 3 Eagles.

Just wondering if there is any desire out there for changes with the Incas?

Perhaps an extra +1 range on the Kamayuk (probably combined with an attack nerf) to help it stand out from the Steppe Lancer?
Or maybe buff the slinger slightly, extra damage v Siege or something so it can hold its own more and might make it more of an option over arbs.

These are just quick ideas, I’m more interested to know if anyone is interested, not so much in a flat out Inca buff, but more an Inca…uniqueness change lol
It was the first civ to offer the +1 range unit… i feel the civ is a bit bland now with DE.
Any thoughts?

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Incas are fine.
Aztecs and Mayans are just pushed towards hyper-aggression, while Incas are a slower, but stronger civ.

Incas also have the strongest Tower Rush in the game, the strongest Vills in Feudal and Castle Age (which goes a long way to surviving raids), a Castle Age Hand Cannoneer analogue, Eagleskarls in the Imperial Age, and a decent UU that trades well with Paladins and BEs.

Incas are good, and need no changes.


Incas are also much less specialized than Aztecs or Mayans. They can go defensive or offensive, they can do towers, infantry, archers, siege in any configuration.
Sometimes they are called “American Byzantines”


I always liked all the different options or sets of units they can field. Eagles, Kamayuks, Slingers, Halberdiers, Champions, Arbalests, Elite Skirms. Each of one these counters specific things, makes the inca options pretty varied.

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Appreciate your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:
And I agree with what you’re saying, the Incas are my favorite meso civ - slower but better rounded than the others. Maybe I’m just not playing very well, I feel they don’t hold up as well in DE with the new civs and other buffs, but I think you just have to use all of their strengths to get the most out of them.
But like I say, I’m not looking for a straight “buff”… I just feel that the Incas have lost their…Incaness lol. They offered something that literally no other civ had… which made them appealing to me. That is no longer the case with them. So its more if a uniqueness or style change I’m thinking of.

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They still offer everything that they did in HD, except for Couriers being changed into the much better Fabric Shields.

I do not think they have lost their identity at all.

i think maybe fabric shields could also incorporate a bit of the old effect into the tech, since its so expensive now ( the old effect was +10% move speed, maybe now we could have +5% move speed added together with the armor)


In my opinion. It’s the strongest of the 3 civ. Mayans and Aztecs you already know how the enemy will play. But Incas the combination of slinger, eagles and Kamayuk are really sick.


Currently incas are perfectly balanced. One of the strongest mid tier civs. Aztecs, Chinese, mayans and maybe khmer are superior, other civs do not have a clear advantage.

Currently the game has a very large mid tier, recently filled with goths, teutons, Lithuanians, vietmamese, Khmer (maybe), koreans, tatars, Saracens…

The low tier unfortunately contains just few civs that I hope will be buffed (Turks, Italians, and Portuguese).


so yeah, incas are perfect, even if a rework of the team bonus would make a lot of sense…

Yeah I think they are the stronger civ. My thoughts are not about a straight buff. They are not lacking in any way :slight_smile:
I guess what I’m feeling is the Kamayuk UU mostly… So it trades very well against cavalry… so do Halbs… even eagles at a push. So it has that funky +1 range which makes them strong in groups… but now so do steppe lancers.
The Incas have always been the Incas… they are great… but is their UU really unique now? Imagine 3 new civs coming out that had a new +12 range archery range unit next to arbs and skirms. What would that do for Britons? lol Or a new cav archer that had instant fire and bonus against seige… what would that do for the mongols. Those civs wouldn’t need to change… they are strong as they are. That is not what i’m getting at.
Its the uniqueness of the unique unit. I rarely use Kamayuks… because there are so many other options that are available.

Again i’m not talking about balance changes. I’m talking about Uniqueness. :slight_smile:

I disagree. Eagleskarls is already a huge boon to the civ.

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The difference between Kamayuk and SL is that one is good, the other is usless 11


You have me there 11

Mongol SLs are pretty good, specially in the Castle Age. They are the best raiders in the game, at that stage, specially because Walls do not always prevent them from getting Vill kills.

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Incas are one of the only civs aside from the Teutons to be able to utilize a proper healing fortress - 29 kamyuks, 21 slingers/arbalesters/mix, 10 monks - square formation, stand ground htky 1 - paired with 20-30 Kamyuks htky 2, 20-30 Eagle Warriors htky 3, 30-40 slingers/arbalesters/mix htky 4, +trebs htky 5 to discretion

Teutons’ is 29 Teutonic Knights, 21 hand canoneers, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground htky 1, with 20 teutonic knights htky 2, 20-30 palladins htky 3, 3-9 bombard canons htky 4, 2-10 siege onagers htky 5 (siege weapons set to no attack stance)

For the Incas version it’s a little more offensive thanks to the +1 range allowing the kamyuks to attack together and hit units chasing your support units by playing ‘run around the fortress’ when in danger - the extra group of slingers/arbalesters are to increase defense by increasing damage - the Teutons’ version is more defensive

That’s certainly an unstoppable ball of death :heart_eyes:

I’m not questioning the Incas ability to perform. Again I use the Briton analogy - if a new civ came out with a quirky new archery range unit that had as much range as longbows… it wouldn’t be the end of the world but people would certainly say that the insane range was the Britons’ “thing”. Same goes for many other unique units. The +1 range was the Incas’ “thing” for me.
That being said, not every UU has to be crazy different to everything out there. And I still use Incas every day, love them. Just my feelings since other +1 range units were introduced.


It would make sense for them to be able to hit 2 range since unlike the step lancer, they’re more grounded and would be able to perform a longer ranged thrust without losing balance

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It would certainly help the UU stand out again. Having +2 range would probably need an attack nerf as groups of units would become more deadly but it would certainly differentiate them more.

  1. Steppe Lancer is a raiding unit while Kamayuk is a heavy frontline unit
  2. Kamayuks are insanely good because they are strong vs both cavalry and infantry and more resistant to archers (fabric shields, high hitpoints) than other infantry
  3. I’ve seen many times people “complain” about Incan eagles: They are the best eagle against ranged units with 7(or more damage), Mayans and Aztecs have better eagles, but Incas have more options overall. For example Andean Sling is the most underrated tech. No minimum range skirms are amazing. If more meso civs existed there would be more eagles: both better and worse than Incan eagles