Thoughts on latest patch 7989

I don’t know why some people here are so insistant on insinuating it’s not possible they are actually doing a bad job and instead make strange excuses such as “you don’t know” and other larping


I’m not a game developer and I assume that neither are you so therefore I can’t go into much detail how fast we should expect things to come out, but they need to gather data & then need to find a solution for it.

If they have many things requiring to get fixed, then it’s probably more smart to release a smaller patch at first, and then update the game with the major patch once it’s ready. It’s really that simple to understand dude.

We all have our own expectations to when a patch should be applied, but we really need to think about if it’s possible to achieve that or not and who are we to say that without any experiences? At least me I don’t know about you mate.

How about you listen to actual game developers like eaglemut then which worked on the development on a very similar game which needed similar fixes?

I expect more than small patch and I am so disappointed for this patch. I am losing hope for this game. I


I’m not denying that Eaglemut knows his/her stuff but none of us ( I assume) knows how Relic has decided to go on about things for this game? I mean we can only speculate right?

Best way to find out is to ask a developer in hope for an answer on this topic.

Because all these people keep complaining about relatively the same thing… im just gonna keep posting the same thing…

I don’t know if people undertand what a hotfix is, I sugest you to look wikipedia. A major patch is ready in steam, probably they launch it in december.

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Players cant choose his colors and I cant accept this. This is a Aaa game but devs dont give simple feature for even small patch.

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This is a hot-fix patch.

They have not exactly been transparent.

What do you mean go about things? Do you think they programmed it in some weird intricate way that’s impossible to change? When Ive been working on projects i can change values for something like this 100 times in an hour to see what works best. Its a completely normal process. I highly doubt lot’s of these issues are a programming challenge. Something like the prelate bug may be harder to track, but changing values are easy. Making small changes are easy. Do you mean they are focusing on other stuff? Well that’s bad prioritizing

Their responses are mostly copy paste messages about them tracking the issue. I also read one lying about aoe4 not being ment as a cybercompetition -or whatever word he used- game even though they’ve earlier said in interviews that they want esports


I won’t get to try it until after work, but I have been having issues with scrolling (particularly on maps that have any water) so I’m hoping that fix works.

I’m a little surprised they wouldn’t fix Mongol speed bug when they’re already doing other changes to the Mongols; it kind of implies that the stuff may be architected a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

I do think that until the other couple of gameplay bugs that they already have listed as planned for fixing will need to be done before good balance data can really be gathered.

EDIT: I also saw somewhere that they said the AI is using machine learning, which means retraining when things are cleaned up.

True… :man_shrugging: small fry says one thing big fish thinks another? I dont doubt they cant figure out what direction to go yet…

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If you think I’m ranting, maybe you’re not reading my posts properly, hah. I’m trying to understand, and show you how I understand things in turn. If you’re not interested, or you want to grumble about how I’m being “insistent”, no problem.

But cool, you’re a programmer. By trade, right? It’s not something you did up to university and stopped, right? I’m not asking to put you down, it’s more that I can’t stop talking code. And there’s a big difference to what most folks do at university, and what you end up doing on the job. A lot of university theory (especially if you do something like CompSci, instead of a more applied degree) is very much idealistic in terms of applying that theory. Or at least, my university degree was.

A tooltip isn’t just text. A tooltip isn’t just a data object. It’s represented in the UI, it ties into locale files. It’s not a “change a sentence in English and call it a day”. There will be constraints on what text can be displayed. There will be constraints on how it’s rendered. Changing the text is easy enough (accounting for translations, for which there might be a lead time on depending if they’re handled in-house or through a third-party), but that ignores any technical requirements.

You talk about priorities - answer me this very simple question. Do you consider the camera panning performance bug to not be a priority? I’m not asking you to say “well they should be able to handle more than one thing at once”. I’m asking you whether or not you think it’s a priority, given your judgement of them prioritising badly.

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Here is my effort describing the recent patch based on the effort they put into it ^

My job is mixed. It involves programming among other things

They are litterally just changing it from one number to another. Not taking up more space or using different types of characters

It should not be prioritised above bugs that make one of eight civilizations playable. The game is playable for the other 7 civilizations as you saw in the tournament. Im however not sure what specifically you mean with camera panning performance bug. I have not had any performance issues at all. I have no idea if they are currently dedicating how many hours to it.

I’m not claiming I know either, but it’s irrelevant if they are working harder or not: from a consumer perspective, the results they present to the player are subpar compared to aoe 3 DE, in this case. Even if they are working much harder, which I don’t doubt because the game has just released, the amount of playable fixes and changes the dev team for 3 presented to its players was much, much more than what the aoe 4 team is presenting, and that’s a hard fact.

Even if the dev team for 3 was working less (which I also doubt, because they release an impressive amount of fixes in very short time) and the 4 team are working day and night tirelessly, the work they accomplished to deliver to their audience is miles behind. And it’s starting to show, too. Compare last week numbers against today’s numbers, exactly one week later and being a patch day:

Since the first 2 weeks, the game has lost tens of thousands of players. By no means this is to say the game is in free fall or a failure, far from that, but those people that left did not because they hated the devs and are angry because they are toxic demanding gamers, but because there has been a lack of care for the game and its undeniable. Again, look at the numbers having in mind its the day the first patch releases.

That is true, I think building a game for the ground up is big feat and we should acknowledge that, but also we have to know when to complaint, and the complaints are not unjustified, as these bugs have been known for a while know, not one week or two, but months ago.

I want this game to succeed, I really do, but I don’t know if slow results and poor communication is the way to do it.


You aren’t kidding.

From what I’ve seen most folks come out of school with solid CS concepts and little to no Software Engineering knowledge, which is fine if you’re going to be a computer scientist but not as helpful when you’re working on all kinds of different software of different levels.

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This is the same logic as the zoom thing so I’m going to repeat it:
If you design a game or an engine in such a way that adding a little more zoom would utterly break the game, when others do not, you’re at a disadvantage.

Similarly, if your code is so written and/or your team is so organized that it takes much longer for you to fix fewer things than others, it puts you at a disadvantage.

It is called a disadvantage because it at least makes you seem less competent and hurts your reputation. And you have to be exceptionally good at something else to compensate for that (and I would not deny if there is that something).

Not to mention this is not even the fact. They have never stated that they need to work 12 hours a day for entire weeks fighting with a very convoluted game engine (which was designed by themselves) just to pull this patch out. I do not know why people can suddenly come up with all those excuses like “no they just cannot do it”, which undermines the competence of the devs even more than “they just don’t want to do it right now”.

Let me tell you what. I’m actually a time traveller from 2000s. I don’t know if the gaming industry has evolved into a stage where players have to fully understand the inner workings of the team and the basics of the game engine before they can comment negatively. I guess they should be PAID by the game dev teams in that case, not paying money for games themselves.


You mean this, right?

The requirements text for the Mongol Town Center Capital does not call out the necessity for it to be placed in an explored area. We will be fixing this in a future update.

If so, that reads like changing more than a single number.

I disagree. Performance issues are incredibly important, and this one was widespread. It was picked up in reviews, and plenty of people were all too happy to use it as a stick to (metaphorically) beat Relic with. They fixed it. That’s good news for anyone playing the game, regardless of what civilisation you like playing as, and whether you like playing competitively or not.

For sure. I went to a pretty technically-focused university, and there was still very little focus on engineering principles - it was mostly theory (and applied theory). Classic CS. There was a fair bit of it I liked, don’t get me wrong, but it was a completely different experience working professionally.


Im confused, we were just talking about ingame tooltip? Which I quoted you on?

But do you think it’s the same person that have the responsibility for both the performance and stability, UI tooltips and ingame mechanics and bugs? I sure would think an established company like relic have more specialized roles than that