Thoughts on MBL

He trolled everyone, Hera was on fire for all the 5 games. Yet, he just lost. U think Lierry is in danger?

I don’t think he trolled anybody. Remember that MbL is consistently in top few places on ladder. His tournament performances however have rarely matched up to what he is capable of.

Even in the first two games vs Hera that he lost yesterday, MbL was in a good position in both at some times. No doubt that he has the skills. I think he just needed the feeling that he has nothing to lose and to play more aggressive. Those last 3 games, and especially the last, were crazy.

For sure i will be cheering him on vs Liereyy. If he can get himself in the correct frame of mind then he has a chance for sure. But Liereyy is still the favourite to win the overall title.


Being unpredictable and unorthodox is not necessarily trolling, imo

Any of these players can beat any of them. They’re all incredible and the difference between them is usually down to very small things.

It’s a display of talent. I meant We got trolled