Thoughts on UI

UI in this game just terrible. Why so much sterile blue, are we in hospital or school? We need UI presented by textures of wood, stone, parchment and all of this! This is AAA class historic game, not an air tickets website project!

And where all the distinguishing UI skins between civs are gone? This was one of the landmark features of the games in about 2000; aoe, starcraft all did use it. It gave you very different feeling playing different civs, and it’s essential like units’ voices for each civ (which is perfect actually). The highest point of UI masterpiece was aom (not the extended edition, which spoiled much of the art). Just remember these different UI’s, especially between different cultures. Axes on Loki, Hammers on Thor, vines on Gaia, ankhs and havocs of Egyptians and different helmets on Greek gods etc.

ICONS… why they are all the same? Why they are all monochrome? It’s not a cool artistic view, it’s just a crap! Colorful art portraits or pre-renders would be much informative, than this!

AGE ICONS are just I II III IV… minimalistic? Couldn’t you invent new coat of arms? There was an idea in aom2 that in age I you have archaic symbol, in age II coat of arms which only gets complicated with ages. There was so much love for the small details. I don’t ask to copy it, I ask to follow the steps.

I think that UI should be revamped completely. It steel looks like an alpha UI. And yes, info screen is ugly. You only see the banner[flag] of the civ hovering on their buildings, is that such difficult to include the caption?? maybe I don’t have a clue who has green and black flag, how do I know without caption? Flags are good, but only as an addition, not as the main source of the info on civ.

Post your thoughts here, let’s support this topic and let the devs know they rushed too much, forgetting about quality of the ui expirience and feeling.


I’m still waiting for a multiplayer pause function, which should have been in there since pre-alpha.


it is really amazing noone in the Relic team remembers to add this most basic function to the game. I am going to mad thinking how these decisions are made.

Another is not showing the map after the game. Really really absurd.


I was totally shocked there is no pause button as well.

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If I can’t hotkey directly to a building my $59 is safe.

The game is far from beeing finished!!! I don’t like this new meta of video game producers to release prematurely their games. It’s created only frustration from the players. For myself, I won’t even play the game until the Hotkeys will be fully customizable. It’s is quiet simple when u have a look on the popularity of aoe2 de mods that people like to customize their game has they wish : ui pannel, grid, minimap placement…
Feel like the dev didn’t even think of this custom aspect and it popularity through the aoe community.
Please make it happen because the game feel nice.

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The UI is the worst thing in this game, and some of the icons are to small to click with mouse I always confuse some buildings even after 36 hours…since every icon is gold you need to spend time looking at what you are doing, for competitive is a big issue as well… IMO it needs an entire overhaul, not sure what we’re the devs thinking but every other RTS out there has a a better UI

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the game Wasn’t made with love, if you imagine what was made 15 20 years ago, it’s far superior only today, it’s just unacceptable a minimalist and unfinished UI like this, it should have a UI for every civ.

the game is magnificent, but details are as important as the game itself.


My opinion ui is very good.