Three Finalizing Spanish Buffs

This sounds to me very reasonable. Spanish is one of the civ I really think needs a buff, and they can be buffed just by tuning the building bonus. Stone buildings can be excluded from the buff (with maybe the exception of walls)

My winrate with that semi-troll strat would disagree with you, but that’s a story for another time. And that’s not something I base my general civ balance/usefulness arguments on.

In terms of pop-efficiency for sure. But in most cases I find I get better value from hand cannons. Sure they’re less tanky, but have comparable damage, better range, easier to mass, and do bonus damage. Conqs have promise in situations where it’s worth it to hit and run a lot, and/or where you can afford to pull large numbers of them away for healing, but most FFA Imp battles tend to be meat grinder slogfests where microing a short range unit that actually kind of sucks at hit & run (due to overkill and lacking projectile tracking) has majorly diminishing returns. Elite conq is in kind of an odd place in that it’s significantly worse than strong Cav Archers/CA UUs at raiding and hit and run (ever tried raiding a trade line only to have them all miss a perpendicular trade cart 4 tiles away?), and significantly worse than most other gunpowder units at DPS and range. If it works for you, that’s great, but it’s a comparative rarity overall (except maybe straight noob games, where anything goes).
I’m reluctant to make Spanish much stronger in lategame, but I’m always in favor of small buffs to UUs that nearly always get a back seat to generic units.

Conquistadors fall of in the late game because of how good they are in castle age. I guess it would be fine to reduce the elite upgrade cost so that it’s worth more often.


No way, conqs are way better in most situations. Sure hand cannons are better in some situations like vs goths when they can swarm with halbs or if youre doing fast imp hand cannon push without a castle and sold your stone but take a ffa for example

Conqs are better vs onagers. 1 wrong seige onager shot and you lose your whole hand cannon squad but conqs can dodge better and also have more survivability if you do take one on the face.

Vs arbs conqs are better as they are more tanky.

Vs paladins conqs are better because they can run from engagements and not get bum rushed and swamped

Vs hussar its the same story

Vs skirms they are better because of tankiness and ability to run from engagements

Vs infantry its 50-50 because of hand cannon bonus damage but again the infantry can swamp hand cannoneers in some cases while conqs can just run and reposition.

And the meat grinder effect is exacly why conqs are better because you can just churn out hussars and or halbs in front and conqs at the back. And if you ever lose a battle you just run behind your new spam of halbs or hussars at your rally point. But if hand cannons ever lose a battle they will be wiped out before they can escape by every common ffa unit like arbs, paladin, seige onagers, konnicks, cavalry archers etc.

These are nice and reasonable changes. +1
I was thinking a bonus like foragers don’t need dropsites would be good as a small early boost for dark age only and it made sense since the spanish had huge production of wine and jerez. But your suggestion is better.


I like this one, and they could reduce the berry harvest rate, similar to how Khmer farming works

It saves them 100w initially, as well as mill build time, on top of the inherent advantage of a resource trickle. They’ll need to build that mill eventually so it’s not as straightforward bonus as it would seem

It also reduces the inevitable Bumping that occurs with excessive Vils on berries. So would likely need some numbers tweaking to prevent it being too good

I made my propositions in other place, but I repet them here:

Hand Canoneer

Rate of Fire from 3,45 to 3,15

Training time from 34s to 27s (the same as Arb)

Bonus dmg vs Rams from 2 to 4

Gain Bonus Dmg +2 vs Cavalry

Cannon Galeon

Projectile Speed from 3 to 4,5

Bombard Cannon

Projectile Speed from 4 to 4,5

Bombard Tower

Projetile Speed from 3 to 5

Gains Bonus Dmg vs Siege, +8


Building speed bonus is now +50% for economic buildings (except TC before Castle Age), stays +30% for military buildings

Civ Bonus Blacksmith Technologies dont cost gold replaced by: All Units military Technologies dont cost gold (includes Arson, Supplies, Bloodlines, Balistics, Chemistry, Conscription, and also Careening, Dry Dock and Shipwright)

Elite Conquistador Dmg from 18 to 19, RoF from 2,9 to 2,7

Missionary Speed from 1,1 to 1,2

Can collect relics (but while holding it, speed drops to 0,7, mean Speed of normal Monk)

Faith regenreation speed for Missionary + 20%

Cannon Galeon gain Ballistics and additional +6 Ship Armor, In place of faster bullets (Because they are now faster for everyone)

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Love your suggestions. All of them should be implemented into the game.

Why we need a bonus vs cavalry to an unit that isn’t designed to counter cavalry?

To be usefull, Unit need to be somewhat viable against commonly used units. HC cant compete with Archers, but can be better against knights. It will become natural addition to Halbs, capable of killing trash-counter (Champ) and also being better support against Cav. Mainly, it will make HC more universal.

I think this is the way to go to buff them. You can include also non-stone military buildings to the buff…

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