Three non civ specific balance changes that i really want to happen

the game is more balanced than ever and is very enjoyable to play but i think there is a few design decisions that aren’t good for the overall experience. this are the changes that i want to see:

1) herbal medicine: changed from “+100% healing rate of religious units” to “religious units heal units outside of combat at +150% the base rate”

NOTE: currently monks balls are very hard to counter, cavalry can kill them fast enough but more often than not they are protected by melee units, siege is very cost inefficient against them, and with a 14hp healing per second you need at least 3 crossbows to barely outdamage the healing. with this change monks can still help you to snowball a victory after a battle by quickly restoring your surviving units to full power

2) when canceled all buildings besides landmarks refund a percentage of its cost equal to the remaining percentage to it’s completion.

NOTE: landmarks should keep the current system of refounding based on the percentage of hp .this change is to adress the fact that tower rushing and castle dropping are extremely low risk because you can just cancel the building and retreat if your plan is being compromised while still wasting a lot of your opponent time. this is specially infurrating when you try to counter-tower the tower rush of your rival, because he just can cancel his tower and move it to a place were it’s still can deal damage without losing anything

3) military melee units no longer add an extra arrow to outpost when garrosing on them

NOTE: done, tower rushing solved without nerfing defensive towers

BONUS: for the love of daut fix the patchfinding of siege units and elefants, thanks.

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I say, please fix the LOS issue on steep slopes. Forcing range units with straight projectiles to go point blank range to fire.

Makes maps such as the King of the hill absolute haram to play on if you want to deal with defenses ontop of the hill.

Eh? Religious units are semi useless rn other than picking relics. We don’t really see them utilized that much. If devs want support units on field then they need to buff them.

I wouldn’t mind this. Would affect TR little bit and nothing too special. So even when miss placing structure it gives player 100% back and offensively if used and gets forced to cancel rusher losses some of the resources.

If this 3rd one is supposed to affect only TR then lol. It affects playing defensively too. Especially ppl who micro low health unit to tower to keep it safe and still participate in fight. So I rather not see something like this.

They already nerffing towers which affects defensive play and makes raiding much easier.

I’d like to add a charge rework to this list. I propose that light and heavy cavalry deal a linear aoe on impact. This aoe should have no radius (STILL hate fire lancers) and should only extend about 1.5 tiles behind the primary target, with a 1/3 tile width. Horsemen just apply their attack in the aoe while knights/lancers apply their bonus damage as well.

The idea is to more effectively counter masses of clumped units since mangonels suck now and as a slight homage to how cavalry would trample unbraced infantry. Tight balls of archers can be pretty harsh for horsemen since ther archers can fire over each others bodies while melee units only hit one at a time. This is only exaggerated with higher damage units like xbowmen and handcannons. Without a spear wall ranged units should be properly vulnerable to cavalry, and landsknechts have no business beating cavalry charges imo.

Unique units can have something more appropriate to their roles. Camel riders can charge only against cavalry, which applies their attack WITHOUT any aoe, but negates the charge of enemy cavalry. This is inspired by the cavalry developments in the late 18th century where cavalrymen used heavy blades straight swords to parry the lances of older cavalry types and then cut them down. Camel riders already have the straight blade, so lets give them the tactics to properly beat knights. War elephants should charge at 1.5 speed and deal their tusk damage in 1 tile radius - they are weak enough that this wont break the game.

If cavalry charge into a spear wall, they DO NOT take damage in a linear aoe - just the ones that actually hit the spear. I’m honestly a bit worried about the power of spearmen atm, and don’t really want to touch it.