Three settings/options I wish buildings could have

I had these thoughts a few days ago, about buildings in AoE2. I’m going to preface this by saying I don’t want total automation or anything, but I really think these would benefit the game. I’ve ranked them by how useful I think they will be. Here you go:

  • Exclude from “Select All”: The is a toggle button, that defaults to off. When turned on, using a select all hotkey ignores this building. This is especially useful for TCs, because later in the game, you often won’t want to use your starting TC to create villagers, but you might want other TCs to be able to do so. I’m expecting people to come back with just use control groups, but I don’t think that’s very viable for buildings. I’ve set all my hotkeys up personally to be as efficient as possible, meaning everything is on the left of the keyboard basically. Because of this, using any control group key above 5 is problematic for efficiency. I don’t want to sacrifice valuable keybinds on buildings, and I really shouldn’t have to, hence this idea.
  • Default unit stance: This is something I think will be quite handy. I really think that you should be able to configure the default stance for a unit when it is created. For example, I usually want my ranged units to start on stand ground, but my melee units to be on aggressive, or sometimes defensive if I don’t want them to wander off. This has the default stance options, and defaults to whatever the player default is in settings. I get that you can just change the unit, but in a large scale battle with new units constantly streaming in, that isn’t so easy, and I don’t just want my units to run away.
  • Create on attack move: This is with those large scale battles in mind. It’s a toggle, that starts off, and when turned on, units produced at that building will attack move towards the rally point, instead of just move. This stops them from just streaming in to die, especially if you are focusing somewhere else. It however runs the risk of them running into other military buildings and getting distracted, so it still requires effort, it’s just for certain situations that it can be very useful.\

What do people think?


I like the idea of these buttons, but I am not sure there is space in the UI for them.


I know, something would have to be worked out for that, it’s more of a concept at this point, and I doubt the devs will implement it anyway, but I’m interested in people’s reactions.

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I just wish we could assign letter keys to control groups, not just numbers


Yes… someone proposed a few says ago. It would be very useful

It would be nice too, to setying by a cycle button on each type of building, for example, all archery ranges in stand graund and barracks in defensive stand

I don’t like this one…

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Attack move ujit building would be insane.

Fundamentally change the way the game can be played.

I want this

Escepvially when defending, this could mean alot

Cant you do that already i mean you have 20 control group hotkeys set 10 for numbers (as is already) and 10 for letters

yes, i recommended something similar. in my suggestion selection would be possible, but unit production would not be queued. i think OP’s idea is more intuitive

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@IkoKnight8151, could some of this maybe be considered by the team?

HI @TheConqueror753 !

I will share these suggestions with my team, thanks ^-^


These 2 would be extremely appreciated!! The first one is not necessary in my opinion.

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That depends on how much you use the select all key for buildings. For someone like me, it’s an absolute essential to add.

i think the first one would be the least controversial to add. the others might get some push-back from the people who are still complaining about auto-farm

I didn’t know I wanted this!
But I do :grin:

Not rly, I am one of these vocal about being agauant auto Farm, but I would love attack move unit production.

For example is still don’t like how in low elo games the player whose auto scout survives dark age and effortlessly uncovers the hole map has a huge advantage over the low elo player hmehi lost his scout. (it laso affects high elo games especially in empire wars, as, seen in tournaments)

Honestly I don’t rly care about auto Farm thaz much anymore. While I enjoyed queuing farms and seeing enemies with idle farms that spent too much effort microing. It gave me an edge to win with superior focus on macro and never have idle farms. Auto Farm is a direct nerf to my playstyle.

Attack move unit production is the offset for auto Farm. I need this!

I love these ideas

Not sure about this. Im usually all for streamlining to help the player focus on strategic choices, but it’s bit too much automation.

I disagree; that first button would be helpful, especially when playing lategame when you may have multiple groups of military production buildings all over the map Especially if you use slower non-cavalry units, you want buildings closer to the fight to produce them (less walking time), instead of buildings on the other side of the map.

I think it that situation it could be helpful, basically creating a custom control group that is easily edited on an individual building basis