Threshold snap to hotkey

With the setting 25% of the threshold and deselect the option"camera snap to hotkey"
Double tap TC hotkey,the camera snap to TC.
This is what this setting supposed to do,and it works properly when you have “1TC”
when you have several TCs and double tap TC hotkey with same setting that camera doesnt snap to TC.
This issue existed when I was playing beta and it fixed after game was official launched.
not sure which patch make it back again,please fix,this is annoying to play especially you are in TC booming.


I have the same issue and would like this to get more attention. I would’ve made a thread but I think this account is too new or something. I don’t think many people are noticing this since a lot of players use control groups for TCs or for multiple explorers i.e. India & Japan, so this bug is never apparent in an average game.

When you have multiple of a unit (and you have snap to unit disabled, so you double-tap rather than single-tap to snap to it) the find unit hotkey will only ever cycle through the units and never snap to a unit no matter how fast you double-tap. This bug has only existed since the most recent patch and I think it’s probably something to do with the gameplay bug fix " * Fixed an issue where quickly double-clicking different “Find Unit” hotkeys would fail to perform the latter commands." listed here Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 10807 - Age of Empires

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This issue is being tracked. Thanks for your reports!