Thumb ring or balistics

please the archers arrow are so unrealistic and no much fun to play add some castle or feudal tech of thumb ring and balistics to give a bit mor e of fun to archers.


Yes, homing arrows really reduce immersion. AOE 2 DE arrows have very natural speed and trajectories, which make them pleasant to watch. AOE 4 arrows change trajectories mid-air in order to reach moving units, which is super weird and clearly noticeable. They could reduce this effect by making arrows faster, but this would otherwise feel unnatural.

Best solution would be to make arrows behave like in AOE 2 DE. Maybe make archers accurately predict movement of units like archers with ballistics do in AOE 2 DE, so they would most of the time hit even moving targets while letting speed and trajectories of arrows be natural.


Whilst I can understand that people prefer the aoe2 system (in some ways I do), I do not see this changing.

Sure people are free to put forward their criticisms but be honest with yourself. Some 24 days to launch and current game is balanced and designed on the current system of projectiles. It would have to be critical to the success of the game in the developers eyes at this stage.

Like little men on siege it just won’t happen now with everything else they must be focusing on.


I completely agree with you.look at the video from reddit.It’s so funny



And also increase the speed of the arrows .

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That arrows always hit is a game balance point, nothing wrong with that.

That the arrows look weird is the design aspect, and I hope that this one gets changed.
The projectile is still too big and the arc of the parabulum which is its flight path, makes it look really weird and unnatural.
Especially when you start to notice that the parabulum is so chunky, meaning it’s beeing done by multiple linear functions, the last one correcting for the targetposition, rather than an actual natural arc.
This is one of the classic “cheaping out on 3d visuals REALLY shows” that we’ve constantly seen in games and animations in the past decade or two.

It needs a more direct line and straight line with a quicker and bit smaller projectile.
That should make it look more natural in general.

That archers aim into the air to take their shot is a big movie meme anyway.


Soldiers also always hit their target in melee unlike In real life where you could evade or parry the strikes.

Its a game and they did choose a more clean more predictable way to do it.

If anything lack of siege friendly fire is more jarring.


it looks like a guided missile xd xd


One of the tooltips says some of the melee infantry occasionally block melee attacks. So melee infantry are actually less accurate


They don’t. Melee attacks in AoE4 has a chance to miss.

Not that this is really relevant to the arrow question. Realism isn’t the point here even for people who might use it as an argument. You know how picking up sheep in AoE4 is a successful new mechanic because the way it is implemented simply feels good? Well:

It just feels good to see Tower arrows fly past your Scout because you ran by it at an evasive angle. And it just feels good to see a hail of arrows land in front of you because you went into the range of a Castle but got out in time. Conversely it does not feel good to take inevitable, but delayed, damage just because you crossed a invisible threshold.

It’s a matter of gamefeel, not realism, and it holds true for all skill levels from casual and up.


Yes. It also feels good when enemies are pinning down by the rain of arrows rather than taken down by “arrow-shape laser”.


Didn’t know that. If it is so than ranged attacks need some % chance to miss also no question.


Never noticed that before. Do you mind sharing a source on this? Do we know whether that is intentional?


I don’t have a source available outside the beta itself. Yes it was intentional because they have a loading screen tooltip informing you about it. The mechanic is that infantry units have a random chance to block incoming melee damage.

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A very bad mechanic by the way, add nothing to the game, and make it just more rdm for competitif player.

IIf they want this kind of feature, they should make it as a activable ability.


That is kind of represented by the hp system

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Has anyone figured out if it actually happens though? I saw at least one other loading screen tip that was clearly outdated and no longer true.

I hope there isn’t an RNG miss chance, that seems pretty silly.

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I wasn’t looking out for it during the beta but there is no reason to believe it shouldn’t be happening.

Stuff like this is normal for rts. Starcraft 2 has a random attack delay for all units; effectively ensuring that two identical armies auto-attacking each other never has the same outcome. Presumably the chance to block in AoE4 is there for a similar reason.

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I know many do, Warcraft 3 for example has all kinds of randomness, but I disagree strongly that they should.

It seems completely pointless to me, yes in real life not every attack lands, but that has already been abstracted away with HP. It only takes one arrow or one sword slash to kill someone, HP already gives us a representation of all the attempts that did not land a killing blow.

And two identical armies can already have different outcomes based on how the engagement is managed by the players.


Not really in this period though. With all that armour shields etc.

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