Thumb ring or balistics

Idk when i read most of aoe2 player, i feel dodging arrow is the only way to have micromanagement in rts. SC2 is a way more micro oriented than any aoe game and you can’t dodge (without medivac, so it’s the same as aoe4 where you can probably dodge arrow with ram/building)

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Game is not balanced at all.
Archers are OP and removing the homing arrows sounds like the nerf they deserve.


How can you assert that archers are OP? during the first aoe4 tournament, the standard oppening was double stable horseman.

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That is just a reflect of how OP archers are. No matter what your strategy or your opponent strategy is, you are always forced to go double stable, because if your opponent go archers there is no way you can counter them in time without a double stable. And even with double stable it is still hard to mass enough cavalry to beat longbows.

The pros go double stable for mobility and raids.
Cav is always a good choice.
If you cannot win the fight, you can always run away and raid.

Idk if you are serious or not ^^