Time for a hotfix?

Considering the bug-a-palooza that everyone reports, it should be time for a hotfix


I am sure they are already working on it. But a pup could have avoided this.


Since the anniversary event kicks off next week I imagine we will see one by then. In some sense this is the “pup” till then.

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Huh, you don’t say. I don’t think that thought crossed their minds :confused:
Good thing the community is so vigilant.

They already fixed most bugs when the update went live.

It takes time from when a build is ready to when it is published due to Microsoft processes. The devs often know bugs but have to send out the patch because it is decided beforehand when a patch should drop. They cant just say… we got some bugs so lets just drop the patch tomorrow.

Way to go with the negativity though. Ugh.

Devs can’t just snap their fingers and release hotfixes. A little patience is not a lot to ask for.