Time to clean up the "age2 stats" "age3 stats" mess

I believe most people here are aware of this: some units that are enabled in age 3 come as base stats + free veteran upgrade (example: skirmisher) while others only have “veteran” in their names but do not have the actual upgrade (example: halberdier). This is very confusing. Why not give all of them the free veteran upgrade?


Isnt it only the halberdier? But yes, i agree. Apparently Halberdier as you tran him is already “Veteran” upgraded, just without name and STAT change. (Weird)

Dutch can train them in Age 2 with Logistician, which means they are not “veteran”, but does it mean they are ‘downgraded’? And you get free upgrade when aging to age 3 (so it gets them back to normal or does it make them stronger?). Anyone has experience with Dutch logistician halbs? Very confusing.

I agree Halberdier should be called Veteran Halberdier for everyone training him in age 3, just like any other units trainable in age 3 are called with the upgrade in front of their name. And if there are any other units with the same fenomenon, then change them too.

I play dutch a lot and I can confirm the halberdier does have veteran status on age 2

I don’t really understand why you want to alter the balance of the entire game just for that…
You just have to make it clear in wiki.