Time to Revisit Underutilized Skills

This game has various technologies that go woefully unused given an alternative and or a sheer lack of functionality. I inivte you all to list skills you believe are currently underused and or extremely niche that you think should be buffed or all together revamped.

One of such skills i believe is EFFECTIVELY USELESS IS: Delhi’s Zeal technology for the Imperial scholar (Delhi’s imam). The technology grants the HEALED target 3 seconds of 50% faster attack speed. The ability does NOT stack in the sense that if yiu got healed by 50 scholars instantly and all 50 stopped healing immediately after a single heal was executed per scholar, your healed target would NOT receive 50 times 3 seconds of 50% faster attack speed.

Also Zeal does NOT increase the attack speed of all attacks; for example on elephantos (tower an war both) only tusk damages increase in attack speed, not spear an not range attacks.

Laslty, in late game healing on an individual bio target is much much less relevant EVEN when the healed target is an elephant .

These combinations of aspect make zeal NICHE at best IMO.

THESE are my suggested updates to fix the Imperial scholar 12min technology called Zeal.

Zeal should be changed into an burst area of effect regen on a moderate cooldown. Similar in concept to the ottoman imam area of effect heal; except much more potent and isn’t permanently active. Lastly to balance this new mechanic we’ll have ALL scholars share the singular cooldown of 90-120s.

Relic can play with the numbers however needed but the idea is pretty straightforward. Have a button you can push that regens your army within a feasible range of the scholar that activates the ability. And for counter play measures make it so the active duration of the regen is contingent of the survival of activated scholar. I personally thing the scholar ahould retain its mobility throughout the activated ability especially if we’re gonna have the ability cooldown be shared and be a long cooldown. But it can still work if the scholar is forced to be stationary fo 15s which makes it an easier target for opponents to snipe.

I think it would suck if the zeal scholar is rooted and gets instantly sniped by the enemy and now you wait 2mins… to just get instantly sniped again? Likewise it would be very annoying on the other hand if you had to snipe every freaking scholar one after the other bc they can chain this ability back to back to back. I hope relic can find a balance between functionality and counterplay.

My suggested statistics. (Stationary while zeal is active)
9min research
Active regen iminates 10 tiles from the center of the scholar for 15s and gives off 10 HPPS and the regen is effected by herbal medicine (so can go up to 16 HPPS). The casting scholars also get +3 range armor for the 15s active duration. And the global cooldown is 90.

My suggested statistics. (Non-stationary while zeal is active)
7 HPPS (still benefits from herbal medicine) only 10s active and a cooldown of 2mins.

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Next thing that is underwhelming by comparison is chinese Dynasty, especially Ming Dynasty!

I’ve extensively on how they could ease the requirements of each dynasty as well as better blend and or completely retain dynasty perks. The current implementation of exchange 1 set of buffs for the next is lackluster specifically when going from yuan to ming. For one os seldom happens due to the exorbitant cost (3600 resources). Secondly unlocking 1 more unit and 4%¿ eco and 10% military Hp just isn’t enough of an “uff” to displace 15% movement speed for all land bio units?

I suggest china either gains an ability to actively switch between unlocked dynasty perks on like a 5min cooldown. Or all the dynasty perks be watered-down but are additive: tang + song + yuan + ming.

The first idea would be more RTS but the 2nd would be ezzz to implement.

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I think this game is hard to have activable skills. It makes the micro too intensive (at least for lower elo) so the devs most likely though about this and made them not that important. I think they should not concentrate on adding more of them. This is not warcraft. Passive abilities are enough IMO. or add abilities but still have them on low impact. (like the khans abilities).

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We have tons of buttons. Khan, sipahi fortification,
musofadi stealth, english campfire, delhi infantry quick march, longbow double fire, vizor points; gremlins; Imperial palace spies; WOLOLOOO!! and more.

All these buttons are more or less on medium to long cooldown.

My suggested delhi zeal change (an imperial button on a 90-120s cooldown)

And a 300s cooldown on dynasty switching. Are 2 examples of low intensity cooldown abilities.

Mass Heal, from the new Ayyubids Atabeg (unique religious unit), has the exact effect i request Zeal have for the Delhi which makes me happy that dev all on their own are trying different functional ideas!!

But sad also…bc those ideas arent being implemented with Delhi…:frowning_face:

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