TIMER, FPS and INTERNET SPEED (In Mbps) - Just UI customization

Hi, just a little suggestion I hope the devs read and at least consider.

So, I always like to experiment to know the best settings using the FPS indicator for my sort of ok computer quality. I also use the timer to see if I’m lagging too far behind an age up or for a special upgrade/card dependent of time.
So, I get that it’s just to save up UI space, but, can’t we have both at the same time?

And, the actual new thing I’d like to see added, is if we could have an internet speed in the UI.

  • In release it showed a Wifi icon to show connection (In different colors), now it’s a turtle icon to show slow connection. :turtle:

I’m not talking about removing that, I’m suggesting if we could have a mega/second (Mbps) UI space to check in-game where the signal is more suitable to play multiplayer.
All customizable for the ones who can’t care less.

Hopefully it’s not much to ask hahah…

Here is how it is now.

Here is where I’d like to see it. :crossed_fingers:

And how it would be if they copy the AoE2DE style…

Oh, also, I’m new at making posts, so…

Are these UI configurations something you would use?
  • Yeah. :+1:
  • Not at all… :man_shrugging:
  • I never even saw the timer/Fps settings LOL.

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information is important, the more the merrier. :ok_hand: