Timers broken in scenario editor

In scenario editor if you do “show timer” event for either seconds or years the value of the seconds/years does not display only the name appears, I am using the HD add-on not sure if that’s relevant to that bug.

Edit: minutes don’t seem to work either, they only display the seconds; seems like the first number that’s supposed to be displayed is getting truncated for all three which makes two invisible and only makes seconds visible for the minutes timer.

Additionally when seconds or minutes is used, it uses in game time instead of real time so the timers are going at incorrect speeds and are blatantly faster than real time. This is evident if you set a 10 second timer condition (which properly uses real time) and try and pair it with a 10 second visual timer event, they do not sync up.


Still broken and I can’t proceed in my scenario I’m making unless you fix the timers

Game Version:

  • Build Version 101.101.34793.0 4597979
  • Platform Steam


Working with the Scenario Editor I’ve encounter what appears to be a bug. The “Display Timer” Effect does not seem to work properly. There are three options, Years, Seconds, Minutes and none of them seem to work with or without text added. They don’t appear properly on the side. Seconds and Years don’t appear at all and Minutes always counts down from 60 in game seconds. I’ve attached a single screenshot but use the links provided for a few more screenshots to more fully display the error!

Seconds and Years bug:

Minutes Bug:

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a Trigger
  2. Add the Display Timer Effect with any reasonable conditions
  3. Start the scenario, it won’t display a timer properly.
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I’m having the same problem with the “condition” timer. I want to use a condition to make the trigger kick in after a set time, but it does not.

Hello, pleae check out this in detail report from last january. I just testit out in the edtior and can verify that the sitaution ist still exactly as describred as in the link below.

I would like to ask for a fix and want to kindly remmind to this issue, since it has been 7 months. It would mean alot for scneario makers.



Still not working


Hi All,

I personally thought the same [it’s a bug] but i think it works!

You just need to use properly this feature:
use Display Time:
pick years/minutes/seconds whatever you prefer (years is 5 seconds i read somewhere)
in desc field you need to put:
%d to see the time!!

2 minutes settings,
desc field: You have %d time left

in game you will see: “you have 2:00 time left”
Always USE %d to see time!
and counting:)

Hope that helps!