Timing of server maintenance

It’s Friday at 10:30 PM in Europe. I just connected to Discord to start a coop AOE2 with my friends and we find out that server maintenance starts in 30 mins. It’s a Friday night, for god’s sake!! Can’t someone consider better schedules for maintenance? I’d rather have it during the weeek but AOE2 is a game! I expecto to enjoy it the most during the weekend when I have free time!


just thought the same and wanted to open a thread with the same topic. dear devs, most of the players hard working just like you are, so do us and yourself a favor cut works short on fridays^^


Do you want stuff fixed? Geez you guys are ridiculous.

Servers broken fix them.
Servers go down to fix them.

Wash why Servers down?

i don’t know how their server system works, but i am wondering why they don’t restart each regional server at a different time…

edit: well i know, the people who designed it are just bad. i forgot about it in the first place.

I want things fixed and that’s called “reactive maintenance” if a crash happened. Scheduled maintenance is another thing. You can decide the schedule. Playing SC2 the regular maintenance was usually at late time during the week. I can understand that if a crash happens on a Friday night they would need to repair it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Their regular server maintenance happens at peak playing times during the week. They could do it at literally any hour of the day and they do it when both the US and EU are in prime playing mode.

This particular server maintenance didn’t appear to be planned though; I’m assuming something happened.

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Just made an account to add here that this maintenance timing is completely absurd? Why the hell would you do this on a friday evening…

I’ve been enjoying the hell out of AoE2 and trying to convince 2 friends to play. They’ve been hesitant but finally decided to give it a try tonight. They just could not stop laughing about this rediculous timing before saying they refunded and said they’d never install a game again with SCHEDULED maintenance at one of the most peak moments of playtime… Can’t say I blame them… Probably lost 2 customers here.

Kind regards,
Dumbfounded fan that’s gonna go play something else now.

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Yes, and to do that on friday, something bad I think.

previous mappool after service or is this a new one?