Tip of the spear (Mali Mastery) not unlocking

Hey there,
I tried to complete “tip of the spear” (2nd Mali mastery) for like a dozen times with different approaches (eg. killing 20 horseman with no Donso upgrades other than precision, with Donso spears only, with full Donso upgrades, etc.). But whatever I try the achievement does not unlock. Are there any known issues with this mastery?

AoE4 6.1.130 Steam Version
Windows 10 (latest)

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I managed to get it recently with no issues. Make sure you are not using any mods or custom maps, as those will invalidate any masteries or achievements

i am having the same problem. I kill 20 of the opponent’s horsemen during a match. I do not know if it is necessary to kill a single group of the opponent with at least 20 horsemen at once. the race i faced mongols

windows 11 - gamepass

One other thing I would suggest is to try killing 20 with the Donso ranged attack, and then 20 with the melee attack. It might be that one of those (not sure which one) is not triggering the count. If you want an easy way to encourage AI to create horsemen, spam Musofadi gunners.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will try and post the result

thank you it worked.

Can you specify did you do anything differently? Did you only use melee attacks? Or remove mods/custom maps? Or did it just work this time? In case other people have this issue in the future.