Tired of playing against Mangudai

As a noob with low APM I get super tired of playing against Mangudai, it just makes the game not fun, especially when they are harassing your villagers with them and the khan.

use archers, they are more cost effective than mangudai with greater range, and far less micro required to fight the mangudai

otherwise lose enough games to get into an elo bracket where your opponents match your skill


They just run around and harass a different part of my base and my archers cant keep up.

Archers and towers are super effective.

Mangudai cost a lot remember that - so if you have a chance to deny the opponent food income, you should.

What elo are you at where people are making mangudai regularly?

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build walls, make any range units, dont chase them with melees.

as strong as the Mongols right now the Mangudai is actually a unit that could use some buff.

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Just some towers (cost less that a mangudai) and archers. And archers. A group or archers delete mangudai. And are way cheaper

And if he did too many of them, send some heavy horses to his base. Or maa.

They don’t have to, just put groups of archers at key points, and kill any Mangudai who come close.

Mass mangudai in team games just kill all my units by running around…and there is literally nothing that can keep up with them. I don’t see how this is balanced.

Were are they running around?
If they are running around your eco, you’ll need more static defenses like outposts, walls and keeps in late game.
If they are running around your army, you’ll need to have ranged units in your army and don’t spread out your units. In that case you can kind of ignore them and kill landmarks with siege. You should never chase them with melee units except you can corner them or you just want to push them away from a position.

First I thought you are talking about 1v1 but now you mentioned team games - what is it?
As many mentioned before Mangudai are a pretty weak unit and they can be countered by archers quite easily. Just put some archers near your woodline or ressources which are out of the range of your TC and maybe add some towers. The mangudai will die so easily its not even funny.
And for team games you should coordinate with your team to establish some defense structures for all of you so you can not get raided that easily. And then you just force the fight to were you want to have it - the Mangudai cant kite if you destroy their base.

Tbh for me it sounds like you just get a little outplayed in general so maybe the calibration is not done yet for you. And my last suggestion: Play mongols yourself and you will notice how incredibly weak and expensive Mangudai are.

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Mangudai is a trash unit that costs soo much and does little.
You just need any ranged unit and will counter them 100%
Or build a tower, but it costs more.

Magundai are a super niche unit - rarely being used bc of the insane price tag and low damage. I actually only see them being made when facing mass scouts/CA. Then you can go mass lancers with a few magundai shooting while chasing the CA with ur lancers. Mongols are super strong but Magundai feel rather underwhelming.

Thanks for sharing, I guess.

Also: git gud.