Titan Rework idea: Titan types!

So, instead of just being massive monsters that are usable for combat and nothing else, what if each civs had different types of titans they could pick from when researching the Secrets of the Titans tech.

For example, you have your “vanilla” “military titan”, which is just a big, powerful monster, then you have something like an “economic titan”, which is slower and tougher, more like a mobile building than a unit, which can root itself into the ground, at which point it slowly generates a certain resource, or maybe it becomes harvestable by villagers, such as cutting down the trees off the titan’s back, or mining the minerals growing on it. And then you could have a “religious titan” that is faster and weaker than the military titan, but can train myth units as if it were a Temple, and generates favour, acting as a mobile “fort” of some kind.


i am personally open to many new thoughts/ideas and i like the approach of different types. but i personally would have the type of titan depending either on the major god you choose or maybe different researches with whom you can make the titan indivually stronger similar to your idea even i would personally call them differently.

but on the other hand a part of me wouldn’t mind to not see titans again, not cause they are overpowered (they are not) it just feels… i don’t know… it kinda removes the flair of other big myth creatures when you have a such giant unit - which AI can’t controle correctly anyway.

but nice idea

I was also thinking that maybe different major gods could have different titans based on their mythology and playstyle, but decided not to overcomplicate the suggestion.

As for the AI, I’m sure they’ll improve it lol.

Titans are supposed to be game ending elements, the titan that’s not military driven will have to be very powerful and very difficult to balance to make up for it.

Personally I’d rather keep the titans out. They are one dimensional. The only thing i don’t like about aom.

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The same could be said about revolutions in the original version of AOE3, and yet they were still able to add non-Military revolutions in the Definitive Editions.

i wanted to add that despite that i personally was never a big fan of the titan expansion since i thought titans were to one-sided and either too strong or too weak, aswell as atlanteans felt either too strong or too weak with most myth units feeling too weak IMO. that i think titans COULD be really cool. and i read somewhere i think it was about persian myth to add a “king ghidorah” titan and i thought YES why not some just bigger and stronger myth units monsters which not necessarily are humanoid looking and have a certain strength to them like a special attack or feature which is unique to them. (maybe even one which is less weak to heroes and siege but weaker to other attacks) also some could fly and some could be stronger in water but all should be able to walk through water (like i saw a mod enables even i never tried it) examples for a feeling could be:

godzilla universe (since king ghidorah was already mentioned)
conan exciles avatars (even i never played that game personally)

edit: just recently had the idea that colossus could be a great “titan” for greeks much better than a humanoid cerberus since cerberus should be a trainable myth unit anyway.

The revolutions of AoE3 are hardly comparable. The military revolutions basically shut down your economy, and the non-military ones can have a viable comparison because of that. The equivalent in Aoe3 would be ragnarok GP, not the titan.

Each time I play Aom, either with friends or AI, I disable titans. They force one dimensional race in which one player gets the titan and the others must automatically get one as well or you’re done. Personally I’d rather see them gone. They aren’t that interesting.

I strongly disagree with you. You don’t need to get your titan to face another titan. I once played a 2v2 with titan AI and I single handedly tanked 2 titans with their armies while my AI friend was recovering. By that time my own titan was LONG gone lmao. And I’m not even a pro player.

It works vs AI, not vs players :slight_smile:
You need a decent amount of infrastructure or complete map control for 300 population to beat 2 titans at the same time. If you compute the cost, you’ll see the titan is ridiculously cost effective.

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Yeah, of course real people and AI don’t play the same at all. I was just saying it because you said “either with friends or AI”. But yes, titans are very cost effective and real people usually make a much better use of it.

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