Titan Rework idea: Titan types!

So, instead of just being massive monsters that are usable for combat and nothing else, what if each civs had different types of titans they could pick from when researching the Secrets of the Titans tech.

For example, you have your “vanilla” “military titan”, which is just a big, powerful monster, then you have something like an “economic titan”, which is slower and tougher, more like a mobile building than a unit, which can root itself into the ground, at which point it slowly generates a certain resource, or maybe it becomes harvestable by villagers, such as cutting down the trees off the titan’s back, or mining the minerals growing on it. And then you could have a “religious titan” that is faster and weaker than the military titan, but can train myth units as if it were a Temple, and generates favour, acting as a mobile “fort” of some kind.

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i am personally open to many new thoughts/ideas and i like the approach of different types. but i personally would have the type of titan depending either on the major god you choose or maybe different researches with whom you can make the titan indivually stronger similar to your idea even i would personally call them differently.

but on the other hand a part of me wouldn’t mind to not see titans again, not cause they are overpowered (they are not) it just feels… i don’t know… it kinda removes the flair of other big myth creatures when you have a such giant unit - which AI can’t controle correctly anyway.

but nice idea

I was also thinking that maybe different major gods could have different titans based on their mythology and playstyle, but decided not to overcomplicate the suggestion.

As for the AI, I’m sure they’ll improve it lol.