To Dev Team, what players want to see in AOE4

Hello AOE4 Team,

i am a player since over 25 years now and have more than 5000 games behind me.

I am trying to convince more younger generation to join this game and see why players left it.

They all had the same answer more or less “It is getting too hard to play”

Meaning the charm of AOE is to build a city, farms, universities, TCs and casltes, make an army and attack.

Now with the new release the TCs cost 50 more stone, takes longer to build and you can NO longer even get stone for French and Abasyd.

This is good for Pros players like me Diamond and above ect…

But how many pros players there? 2000? Even maybe 5000?

But what about the 100’000 others than simply dont want a game to finish in 20 minutes because we rushed them and killed them before they even built their city.

What is the fun of that?

We lost sooooo many players since the game started because we are listening to Pro players and asking them, so what do you want to see ion this game

Of course they want to make it harder and more active.

But what about the normal player who wants to build his city and make an army?

Please reduce the building time of TCs, cost ect…

Lets bring back all the players and make this about building an empire and not about how fast can you rush and its harder for you to build anything from now on.

Please guys forward this message as much as you can to the DEV Teams so our voices are heard.

Godzilla (my name on AOE4 and AOE2 and Voobly)
Diamond Rank, 2100 Rank on AOE2 and 2300 on Voobly

p.s: And please block the player username for 1 player, many players have the same username, its getting confusing

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Woah woah woah hold the phone…that might be a bit under assessed…

No0bs at many times stay 1 tc and dont bother building multiple tcs. They dont know how to boom and they rarely get over 100 villagers…

I dont know if easier tc cost is the issue.

Perhaps make the meta 70-90 villagers and over 100 military would be easier for noobs.

Perhaps give unranked matches a bit of auto scout updates like saying, “your enemy has built 10 military units, start making some counter defense before its too late!”

Or some catch up mechanics for unranked that keep the game more close to a tie than a blowout stampede?


Well by making the TCs cost 50 more stone and taking much more time to build aint gonna help the noobs at all.

Its simply saying to them get ready for a Rush cause this game will end in 20 minutes, you dont even have time to enjoy anything, clock is ticking … 5:30, oh look first Knight is in your base.

Then they will simply throw the towel and leave.

Statistics shows that the subject you get good grades at you love the most, so if you get a D in Math, statistics shows that you will hate Math in the future …

So why making it hard for Noobs and newbies to play his game?

Why Dev Team? Why remove the ECO side of this game? Why?

I don’t think it makes much difference either way for the “noobs”.

So I don’t really see any reason to change it back, since it does actually make a big difference at the higher level.


50 stone isnt much, can probably be gathered by 3 villagers in 30 seconds, noobs who dont boom or go 2nd tc anyway might not be affected

Maybe spearmen need a temporary speed debuff on cavalry, like if a spear hits a knight, it could slow its movement speed by -20% for 6 seconds.

That way raiding will be less effective as the knights wont be able to outrun the spears as much?

(Side note) i miss skirmishers lol

The spearman brace against charges has a stun and a root to it, in case anyone isn’t aware of that.

Oh right i forgot lol, been playing aoe2, its tough to keep up with all the complaints in these forums

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