Hi guys,

I hope my following words will reach a developer and a patch will coming soon.

Lets sart with bug reports:

-units collide in a battle when I’m trying to save the low hp ones and because of this I am unable to save them.
-after a match is impossible to watch it back. like: I played a 2v2 and in the match history that match is missing.
-I noticed some texture glitch when a big army was squeezed with some trebuches
-in a forrest area putting down stone walls are very hard because of the lack if vision how the trees can block them

okay, now the most important thing is:

GUYS, DEVELOPERS pls…u guys brought back from ashes to life this beautiful game and you guys forgot the STAND GROUNG COMMAND??? this is very very bad just image the situaton when you are trying to attack your enemy’s city walls/towers/keeps with an undisciplined army that always moves on its on when a stray arrow hits it. -pls fix this, put to the stand ground command to every units control bar.

(sorry for my bad english)

:heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: Age of Empires 1,2,3,4

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Restart your game and recheck your match history. It’s a known bug acknowledged by the devs, this is the work-around so far.


yeah i restarted all the time. i hope the devs will discuss the STAND GROUNG COMMAND as well.

Have you tried pressing V (toggle) ? I know most units have a Stand ground command (not sure about siege equipment), and even in the description it says the units will become ‘immovable’.

Not yet, but the units star moving even if I am pressing the stop command.

they shouldn’t, you need to press it only once to toggle the ‘Stand ground’ . The issue is if you even slightly move your units it automatically toggles it OFF. So you need to press it again. Hope this helps

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