[TO DEVS] Do something with France and England!!!

Why do the French have so many advantages? Good trade, strong units - Heavy cavalry, crossbowmen and artillery. Free melee damage upgrade. Why does the Cavalryman heal for nothing? Move the improvement to at least the third era. It’s impossible to enjoy the game when France and England are constantly caught in the ranked matches. Playing with a friend in 2x2 and out of 10 matches - 8 France and England. Tired of it, make the balance. The new patch reduced the size of the maps, now England and France come to kill you even faster, thanks developers, you are geniuses. Please come up with something, weaken these civilizations.


Amigo mío, esto no es algo negativo. Así es como debería ser. Debemos trabajar hacia un día en el que todos los Civs sean tan útiles.

¿Por qué querrías hacerlos menos útiles? ¿Para dañar la diversión? En mi opinión, no es una buena idea.

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French have got their civ upgrades just like any other civ. If you can’t deal with knights going after your villagers early on it is solely your fault. Learn how to defend it and stop crying. French sure is a strong civ but doesn’t seem to be OP. As Pomknight said, other civs need to become just a lil bit stronger by giving them more options. Imo France has a very one dimensional playstyle. Your kind of forced to play knights. But the devs do not seem to have a problem with it since it hasn’t been addressed in a single patch.

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You think it’s fun when out of 8 civilisations only the French and the English are ranked?


I wonder why, then, when I play for any civilisation other than the French, I get rookies who have at most 100 games played and I have over 700. This newbie picks France and just kills me like nothing happened. Is this normal?

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Sí, mi hermano, lo creo. Creo también que debemos ayudar a los demás.

I think France is a strong civ right now. But I wouldn’t say that they are OP. Atleast not as OP as mongols were in the beginning or Rus CA I would say. Did you try French too? French knights are quite micro heavy. If you handle them well they can be very powerful, if you don’t kill a few villagers with your first knights and even lose those knights the civ is in a very big disadvantage.

Edit: Just took a look at Golden League round 3 results and it has a 61 % win rate. So at top level it seems to be OP, sample size very small though.

France and England are played mostly because they are the easiest. Not because they are too strong.

I’m also a big fan of huge maps. Luckily they are still an option in custom games.

I also play 2v2s and in my personal opinion both civs are not OP. Its devs that are making ridiculous changes to the game which resulted in imbalance. One important thing to mention, french never got buff since game release and it had its ups and downs. Can’t say for english but french dominance has been dependent of changes in other civs.

First stupid change was mangonel nerf. Spear + Mangonel combination was dominating in previous patch. And the only counter was springalds which french couldn’t get enough since they invested gold heavily on knights.

Second is change map sizes. English and French are feudal aggressive civs. They want to reach your base asap. In 2v2 your base is even more closer to enemy than it is in tiny map of 1v1. Sure map sizes were issue in 3v3 and 4v4 but they were never issue in 1v1 and 2v2. They are forcing 5 min aggression and the civs that excel well are being used more. Devs need to calm down and focus in play-ability of game instead of forcing them to fight in dark age or immediately in feudal. 2v2 maps are so bad in current batch that you dont have enough space and resource to reach late game. This is issue for every civ especially china. French can’t get discount easily caz there is no space on map to put castle. Just play any 2v2 map that isn’t open and you wont be able to fit your base.

I myself play as french. In last patch it was really bad civ. Abbasids were abbsolute counter to french and always resulted in defeat. Abbasids could always get second TC and counter all french units by making siege in field. Mango nerf completely rendered countering archers crossbows using mango useless.

How to counter french? When I am against other french i always try to go 2 TC to 2 Barack and 3 Archery. And out-mass archers and have enough spears to kill his knights. The biggest weak-point of french is actually feudal. Knights are really good at raiding but terrible at defending. If you can reach his gold-mine before he can mass archers you can put french in terrible spot.

As for English. I would say MAA in dark age and time reduction, one of this needs to be removed. Late-game they can sit in their base and keep spaming MAA. They get enough gold from farms and because of time reduction they can spam even more MAA from less production buildings. Having this high armor our only choice is to out-mass crossbows. Once MAA in your base its already game over. They don’t die to anything else. TC, Castle, nothing. The only way to kill them are crossbows. Your MAA will not trade evenly and you wont be able to make enough knights to counter them as they are very expensive.

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I just want to see variety. Of my 17 games I’ve played in ranked so far, 7 have been against English, with 3 against French and the others 2 or less (I’ve yet to play against Rus or Abbassid).

It’s not even about losing to them, it’s the fact that every single English player plays in the SAME EXACT WAY. I’m just so tired of Longbow/Ram rush that my last game against English, seeing spears made me excited. That’s how stagnant Silver is, everyone is playing the same civ in pretty much the same way.

At this point, I WANT to be cav rushed by the French. At least that would be different… English need a power shift to make them not braindead to play in Age 2 and stronger in Age 3.


Both French and English aren’t really that OP, it’s just that they are simply to use.

All their bonuses are straight forward, direct buffs that doesn’t require much micro, or no micro at all, and even little planning ahead.

Their strong units too are quite easy to use, knights and archers are the basics of AoE, and are simple to use, unlike MaA, cavalry archers, camels.

I believe that French needs some tweaks, some small nerf, but overall we just need more time, people will explore and master more civs with time, and we will see less French and English players in the lower part of the rankings.

Why move strategies even further into mid-late game when we do already have a game that does have only a few options in early game? Imo just give other civs more early game options too. Also, ram rush shouldn’t be the only option to end games in feudal. But sadly I really don’t think this is a popular opinion as I have never read any complaints about it, apart from me.

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Yeah that used to be a thing with Age 1 Sacred Sites but that got butchered. I’d be fine with that too. I personally prefer to play 20-30 min games though, if I want a 5-10 min game I’d just go play a shooter.