To Microsoft: Bring back Peer to Peer

To Microsoft: Can we get a peer to peer option. Currently with the disconnect issues ongoing since release,my mates and I have been unable to play the game. We like others are getting disconnected after 5 minutes or less in he game.

So to Microsoft, in the intern can you bring back the peer to peer for us casual gamer’s who are not competing for ELO rankings but just want to play the game without disconnects!

This would be a quicker option and satisfy a large part of the community who were happy with the peer to peer option as we just play it for the fun.



Disconnect after 5-10 minutes on LAN game make me and my friends frustration . If you guys want to buy this game please just wait. don’t buy it before they fix the disconnect issues . You can just stay on old version (AOE II HD2013) .
---------------------- my enviroment ----------------------------------------------------
MB : Asus X470 PRO + AMD 2700x CPU
Display card: Nivida GTX 1080ti
DRAM: 16g DDR4 with 20g virtual memory on SSD
NAT: Mikrotik RBD52G05Hac with gigabyte ethernet port
ISP : China Telcom connect with fiber bandwith 500M
Version: Steam , Update 36202

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My only option now is to give it a thumbs down on Steam. I cannot recommend this game to anyone. It was released a broken mess, disconnects happening since release and no fix in sight. I would suggest others who have disconnect give it a thumbs down also.

It’s the only way to be heard and they might finally pay attention and prioritize a fix for this instead of implementing other useless features that nobody wants.

We have all gone back to AoE HD edition also.


I’m just wondering how long they will keep the servers up after AOE4 has been released.

I loved this game so much, so I had struggled to play the game for 2 weeks, most games disconnected in 10 minutes. Yesterday I decided to build a pseudo local net above my physical ethernet by using OpenVPN, because somebody reported that VPN will prevent the disconnect issues. Although the test of OpenVPN failed, but I opened Win10 builtin firewall let ICMPv4 to pass through for the test.
After the failed the VPN was removed then the magic happened that I can play AoE2DE without disconnect issues from yesterday. I belive the disconnect issues was solved by open ICMPv4 protocal to all in local net. Thanks God!

Please don’t bring back peer to peer. There is infinitely less lag with the servers. Even when comparing the 20 year old version of the game that requires far lower specs … there is still more lag with that version simply because it’s peer to peer. Definitely DON’T ADD peer to peer!

It is an added possibility for players which they can use in addition to servers. No one loses when it gets added.

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Yeah, as a optional setting for hosting unraked lobbies, let’s say, it would be cool.

But as I speculated before on some other topics on this subject, I bet that P2P won’t see the light of the day on DE (at least for a good while), because not having it is a way to keep non-retail copies of the game from playing online.

Game is so cheap anyway, that having such anti-piracy measures seems out of proportion