To the Brilliant Teams at Relic, Microsoft, World's Edge, and F.E Thank you

There have been moments of quiet when the Age of Empires IV community waited with bated breath, anxious for news, hoping against hope. Our hearts have a special corner reserved for this game; it’s not just pixels and gameplay to us, it’s a journey, an experience, a passion. And with time, the silence grew heavy. Concerns arose, doubts crept in, and the fervor of many was tested.

But today, that stillness was broken with the most exhilarating news: a new DLC, fresh civilizations, innovative mechanics, and more tournaments on the horizon! It’s like the dawn after a long night.

We were aware of the challenges faced, the hush that loomed, and even the unfortunate layoffs at Relic. Such news would make any dedicated community tremble. But like any true Age of Empires player knows, it’s not about the battles lost, but the wars won.

It must’ve been challenging for all of you, staying silent amidst the rising clamor. But now we see - it was a quiet before a magnificent storm. Your commitment, dedication, and the silent perseverance have shown that this game isn’t just another project for you; it’s a labor of love. And we couldn’t be more thankful.

The Age of Empires IV community stands strong, and it stands with you. The heart and soul you pour into this game doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for tuning in to our voices, for the little surprises that brighten our days, and for continuously striving to make AoE IV a masterpiece.

Here’s to a new chapter, to the brilliant minds behind the game, and to an even more glorious future for Age of Empires IV! :video_game::heart:

Thank you!



I’m legit not trolling but did they go into details on anything? I’M looking for it and only see the steam screenshots???

Like currently there are units on th campaign (functions too) that are not usable during PVP? How do i know these new factions units are PVP-able??

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anyway we expect a trailer in these days, I honestly wonder if it was wanted, publish the DLC so ‘soon, also because’ if it was, there was’ not the best communication, some screen shots, still seem to be redefined, I think they decided to publish it a little earlier than wanted, at the last moment. for example, they could have announced the new expansion on the first day of Gamescom, but they didn’t do it, even if it would have been a good time, after having seen that the community was writing everywhere where there are new civilizations, and they were developing, but they had planned to release it later, they decided to make a small announcement, to keep the fans hooked, without making them leave, making them believe that there was nothing but the Xbox version, it should also be noted that this of the new expansion is very important news, but the official site has not yet organized itself to release any news, I think even on the part of the Xbox version, they were forced to do it by Microsoft’s request.

also because publishing too much content at the same time would force them to create more for the future, the way the market works, so they want to give it to us like candy.

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OP has not played the expansion yet, not even watched a new game play video and it is already praising devs…amazing


Yes, but that’s allowed. It’s great there’s going to be more civs and that the people developing our franchise are still working away at it. The longer we keep them, the better they will get and the better for all of us.


Let’s avoid being rude to well-intentioned users, such as thanking AoE IV devs for continuing in the development of AoE IV.


I’m still cautiously optimistic about this expansion.