[To the DEVS] Please leave a statement about maphacking situation

I am sure that I am speaking for the largest part of the community, when I say that the maphacking situation has gotten very much out of control.
Playing at a considerably high level, it is shocking to see maphackers nearly every day when just playing a few matches.
At a certain level, people recognize maphacking very easily by experience and keep reporting that.
But the hackers keep playing and playing and playing…
Sometimes you even get into another match with them, days or weeks later.

This goes for both 1v1 and team matches.
Quickmatch and ranked.

The current situation is unacceptable and I would almost guess that in 5-10% of the matches people get in contact with cheaters, most of the time without even knowing it.

I kindly request you to leave a statement for everyone to read, how the cheating issue is gonna be handled and by when.
What are the measurements against cheaters, which are in preparation right now and by when will they start being applied?

Currently, there is almost no regulation of cheaters, so people are waiting for a statement.

Best regards.


Just played a FFA game where 2/8 players where maphacking. Still won, but reported them.


The maphacking problem really kills my desire to play the game. Most of my opponents send a scout picking up my sheep before I can get to them…


:+1: They have the officical statement already, that tells you to make report in game or via the online form.

I wish the devs be more transparent to provide regular statistics about number of cheater reports, % of action taken, including how many confirmed reports result as a perma ban. For confirmed reports, change the policy to tell the reporter what action has been taken. (it is ok to disallow disclosing the information to any third party) Most importantly, if it is not a perma-ban, explain why the cheater is confirmed but no perma ban is executed.

Give reporters feedback so as to save our time in reporting for the next time, e.g. what kind of information is helpful/accepted as valid cheating proof. By saving our time in reporting, we could report more and let more cheaters be banned. Also change the online report form to include all the required fields so you won’t need to ask us afterwards.

Aoe4World as a third party open source platform they provide many useful features such as allow lookup of player id. Could the online cheater report form be outsourced to aoe4world, so at the time of reporting, the online form dynamically lookup the reporting and reported player id, maybe allow putting up a youtube url field and parse youtube description for timestamp of cheater action, and let the devs to mark precise which is a confirmed cheating action? It’s better to let the community develops tool that the community needs.


to Dev, I just want to say my feeling…

I thoroughly enjoy this game, but I’m growing weary of the rampant map hacking originating mainly from China.

I reside in Singapore, and my server is located in Southeast Asia. Most of my opponents, about 90%, are from China. It’s really annoying to constantly worry about cheaters. (I wish I could get away from China players)

I hope the developers will introduce an effective anti-cheat system to address this issue of map hacking and zoom hacking. It significantly detracts from the enjoyment of the game. We all want to have fun, but playing against cheaters is truly exhausting.

Yes, I’ve done my part by reporting the cheaters, but we’re hoping for a long-term solution to be developed for this issue. this last 2 week : I reported 15 players, and they has been banned. hopefully, my worry about cheater will end soon, as soon Dev announce the roadmap and long term solution for this.

I Hope you hear my voice Dev… Thanks.