To the MS team on GDPR and players privacy


I recently came across this thread from Bl4ck in AoE zone:

This got me thinking about the compliance of these types of sites with players’ privacy and, particularly with GDPR for those who reside in the EU. If we start with the premise that:
“Meta data collected indirectly from players – such as time spent playing, measurements of playing-sessions, in-game currency spending patterns etc. – is personal data if the player remains identifiable”

IMHO, users should have the option to opt-out of their metadata being collected. While gamer tags are not directly linked with a personal ID, it would be naive to pretend that it is not easy to put both of those together; which is such a statement being particularly true with pro players.

I consider that websites such as aoezone, spectator dashboard, etc., bring value to the community. This thread is not about that value but the lack of choice for players at the time of sharing their data. Also, many pro players have stated their discomfort with such a lack of data control in the spectator dashboard chat.