To the North! Event Challenge

This won’t trigger as completed despite playing through and beating the mission on Hard twice.

Hey @Calerb! Did you happen to receive the award, even though the challenge itself didn’t register as complete?

I have now tried 2 times to play through this mission on hard and in the end never got the reward for it.

Is it allowed to save and load?

Has anyone been able to get the reward?

Thank you


Ive had this same issue! Even if you watch the ending cutscene it won’t mark it as complete.


I have the same issue, I completed it 3 times and still no reward :frowning:

You have to complete the mission from beginning to end without loading a save.
I hope you unlock it!


yes, thank you this works for me now. But serious any info about the requirements would be nice

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No reward no, although it sounds like it’s a load/save interaction issue

That’s probably it! This one is a known issue that is actively being worked on with hopes of a fix very, very soon.


please fix the same issues there played for 2-3 times with hard and completed… still can’t get it !

It’s absolutely ridiculous how long this save/load bug impacting challenge/mastery completion has been a thing for. Fix it ffs. One small mistake in this mission and you have to replay 30+ minutes just to get back to where you were again.