Today is the day 🎉

Today is the day to say thank you to the Age of Empires franchise team for their effort to make those old games greater then ever.

Surely there are some flaws but it’s good to know that we will be playing this for another decade at least.

I wish Edge World the best for Aoe 4!

See you in in this Definitive Edition, let the community grow, and like we are used to say in lobbies : glhf.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :baguette_bread: :sheep:


I think relic is working on AOE 4

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I guess they are! Ahah

If Relic is working on AoEIV then I’m curious what Forgotten Empires and World’s Edge will be doing. Let’s hope more content for the DE’s. I’m sure they’ll be providing support to Relic too but…