Tons of Non-english-speaking people on UK and EU Wester server

Is there a way to do something about it?
Feels like every 3rd match you end up with (often chinese) people in team who don’t or don’t want to speak english.
Quite frustrating to play like that.
I have tried changing my server setting from auto select to eu west and now uk, didn’t help.
Still non english speaking people in the matches all the time.
English is not my 1st language either, so I don’t get it why people play ranked on these servers where it’s basically a non-written law to speak english as a universal language, that everyone can understand, at least the basics.

i dont think relic devs distinguish serve like u think、
i can team wirh my friend even not in same server.

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There is no non written law that you need to speak English in EU server….there are many languages in EU….btw England is not in EU anymore….

There are many English speaking players in Asia server too…and they can be annoying as well since most of Asia doesn’t speak English.


I think people shouldn’t be forced to speak English, rather a better ping system would be needed, I’ll give you an example, if you play Moba, you can ping everything, even the skills you have, it would be nice to be able to use a ping, to show that you are getting upgrades or something like that, or directly a live screen, which shows you what your teammates are doing, which units they are creating and which upgrades, to be able to adapt, and their resources, so you can understand the situation, a general statistic screen for the team, it can happen to feel defeated when your team mates have the strength to put you back on track, I think that then the game would need more objects, such as relics, some new mechanics, which make it more active, also because the new outgoing RTS are based on micro, in speed, so it would be nice to implement something to make players who want to change their game think about staying.

In the current situation of decreasing players, it can help you match teammates faster.
More and more players are leaving this game, which is the most worrying thing.

And I’ve to say, whatever those non-English-speaking players were from Asia or anywhere, they had no obligation to spoke English.

You should be grateful to those non-English-speaking players who were speaking English to you, because they were willing to respected your customs.

After all, this game belongs to the world.

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