Too late I guess

This is the worst decision taken by Relic so far… Unrealistic unit size, graphics, scale tolerated those but if they decide to add unrealistic civs then they shouldnt expect support from history fans. I aint giving money for this. As for Japanese and Byzantines I have “other” means to play them


Don’t forget the anachronic Japanese with Chinese walls, samurais with round shield, Japanese like cataphracts, samurais with sashimono showing their favourite weapon (of course readability) instead showing their clan emblem, ninjas with curved swords…


As a history fan I am very excited to play the new variants!

I sincerely hope that is sarcasm. Every fan of history is currently cringing at the notion of the Empire of Jade. The others are not much better either, not to mention how it clashes with what AoE has done traditionally.


Oh no, I’m not being facetious! I played a ton of 2 and loved the franchise since, and read much more than I should about history. The new variants sound interesting and have all the features I was hoping for, having more unique gameplay while maintaining that classic blend of rts gameplay and historical refrences is a dream come true for me!


You do know there are other people who have different opinion from you? You can be excited for new civilizations while having issues with how they are called at the same time.


You do realize constantly replying to me in hopes of rebutting every single thing I say just shows your insecurity on the topic? As for your last post; I do not need more information about these variant civilizations. If you had spent two seconds reading any of my statements, it would be clear to you that I do not care that they play differently. They are 100% going to be reusing assets making them copy-pasted nonsense.

We have already seen multiple of these variants.

The things I want from a civilization are going to be copy pasted. I do not need to wait for them to demonstrate that OOOooOoOOOoo the Order of the Dragon Knights actually have this mechanic and this many stats. It does not matter to me.

I suggest you either start picking on someone else. You reply to me as if you’re trying to silence me, and I don’t care for it.

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I’m sorry to say that these new civilizations are not based on proper history. They are more akin to a layman’s interpretation of what historical groups were like as opposed to actual groups or how historians perceive them. In other words, you’re gaining exactly nada from interacting with the content on a learning basis–for it is mostly inappropriately made up ideas by developers who don’t respect actual history.

Haha okay what ever you say dude. You should look yourself in the mirror how you talk to other people like your opinion is the only one that matters. Enough said.


We really live in difficult times! That’s not what life is!! Just play and have fun or not!!! play whatever you want!! Don’t use your precious time on unnecessary things and live well!!!

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We don’t know much about the Variant civilisations but we do know that they essentially play like completely different civilisations.
I some ways I guess it’s like comparing 2 AoE2 civilisations with each other, they often only each have one unique unit and 2 unique technologies but they can still play very different.

But the names of the civilisations are just not civilisation names.
It’s also not obvious what they even are.
Every civilisation so far was more or less obvious.
If you know who the Cumans are you know what to expect from the civilisation.
But now we have “Empire of Jade”? How is that different from China?
How is “The Sultans Army” different from the normal Abbasids?

“Order of the Dragon” is the closest to a sensible Variant civilisation but why didn’t they just make Hungarians instead?
And if they add Hungarians later it’ll be strange that this Order is a variant of the HRE and not them.


I 100% agree with this post. We really need a good explanation for the names chosen for the variant civilizations and hope that the developers know what they are doing so this not only make sense today but also not creating issues for themselves in the future for new civilizations.

We just have to wait and see for the full details to come out but it’s at least good that we have raised our concerns so the developers can see this.


How do you know? have you played them?

No, but they are adding new unique units and heroes, as well as a variation to existing gameplay. That’s all I hoped for!

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I didn’t know about the news, I see that the devs are very sure of the names to have put them on the official website. In short, I am going to discuss two points about the reason for the variant civs and what determines why they have become public names.

About the reason for variant civilizations

It’s just one of my theories, but I think the civ variants have to do with the problem of multiple fandom concepts: Here in the forum itself there are several civilization concepts, some very similar and others with unique units and totally different mechanics. I do not doubt that the same creators also initially considered various concepts of how to make the French or English. We have the same thing with the Mongols, who were originally planned not to age out with Landmarks.

With civilizations with limited Landmarks, like the Mali, their design would probably be fine and does not require variants (maybe add the Griot as a unique unit, but I don’t see more); but in the case of the French or Chinese for example, there are many historical buildings that could also have been used as landmarks. I want to assume that trying to test “other” mechanisms and concepts of the same civ are making the civ variant. The Chinese, for example, could have had the Changdao Swordsman, or the Lang Xiang spearman, or the flamethrower, the flying body, or even Shaolin warriors.

The detail is that in order not to call the civ “Chinese2”, they gave it a name that is hardly unmistakable from them, like “Jade Empire”. Anyway, although the name is debatable, I am only making assumptions about the content of the possible civs, specifically Juana and Jade Empire. Order of the Dragon, I think it is easier to recognize the countries it makes up (Hungary, Bohemia, HRE, 1350 AD onwards), and Army of the Sultan, probably refers to the Ayyubid dynasty and the Mamluk Sultanate. Since the basic mechanic of the Abbasid is with the House of Knowledge, perhaps the new civ does not use that Landmark, but traditional landmarks by age. I’m dying of excitement.

About the official website

"Given that they have made them an “Official Page”, I doubt that it is simply to say "Civ Juana has Juana, but it is 100% French". Generally this page serves to promote various mechanics of the CIVs, effects of the Landmarks and 2 or 3 of their unique units. Considering that, I suppose it will be different from the original civ in some way. Only time will tell.

So will you be happy if the new UU is a dragon or a warewolf?

From a historical perspective? No. From a I’m just a dude living in the 21st century playing a video game about knights fighting samurai? That’s a big big yes! That sounds really interesting and fun, and it’s why I’m excited for the revival of the age of mythology series!

Lol then theres nothing to argue here… you wouldnt understand why we are mad about the names


You’re right, I don’t! I think your expectations are a little too high.

As it should be as Im a fan for 20 or so years

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