Too low iq aoe teamplayer

the other gamer know the help play. but aoe player dont know help play
aoe player know only attack never help dont know help. aoe player know only up up up up up. if they fight 2vs1 they type ‘gg 2vs1 im out’ in fog vision no market. idiot market system. idiot teamplay toooo much big problem in aoe. very very very dark area. cant get team elo. they say ‘2vs1 fight gg im out’ when i help when i almost near for help. they say ‘up up up up up’ when i 2vs1 fight and they never never help.
aoe player dont know help aoe player dont know defence aoe player know only attack know only up up up up. aoe player know only castle drop. aoe player gg and out when castle fail all worker die.


flank player booming with 3 tcs while you are trying to defend him, flank player does not collect stone even he has a rusher rival in arena,

I would just add free carto to every game(maybe get it when reaching feudal or just add research to TC or something) and change portuguese team bonus to something else. Playing with randoms is just spam pinging and typing etc.

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