Too short sight of units

Town center Arrow range : 6
Scout Sight : 4

SC, Very high percentage of Being killed by TC.

And Other units also have too short sight

I think It make this game so difficult but they are no reason and no satisfaction

how do you feel?

How about expand sight more than TC’s range?

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got a source to back up this claim? because i rarely see my scout getting killed by town centers

if only there was several clear and obvious indicators that you might be nearing an opponents town center, like 4/8 tile golds, 4/5 tile stones, or other buildings in the area

this would make scouting a huge joke overall.

the area one scout can reveal is roughly 50 tiles around him (pi*radius squared), if you increased it to 7 to be more then 1 tc, the area revealed would be 3 times that, more or less.


I love it when the enemy scout runs into my tc, don’t take it away from me.

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